Banjo vs Piano



So one of my NY resolutions is to “be more creative’…….I feel I am next to useless in regards art, music etc but would like to try something anyway. And not worry about how good I am.

I have narrowed it down to 2 choices, learn the banjo or the piano. Both very different choice and have their pros and cons. I feel like the piano is harder but it just sounds gorgeous. The banjo would be awesome for parties and ‘fun’ situations…..but it’s not like I go to many parties. And I could end up more like this



Any ideas on what I should pick?

Please note I have a terrible singing voice so would like to avoid singing along if possible.


2 thoughts on “Banjo vs Piano

  1. Its gotta be the Banjo!!! Awesome choice. Just think of the extra invites you’ll get to bbq’s and birthdays! You could eat each weekend for free. My birthday is october, you have to play at my party. In a crazy hat and bow tie too. Fran could play the spoons as backing instrument. 😉

    • I know! The banjo just screams fun and parties right? Piano more ‘tiger mom”. Ok, banjo it is. And I will aim to be awesome for your party and play in a bowtie. :)

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