Franman and I arrived in Dallas last Wednesday. I have to work in San Fran for a few days so we decided to make a holiday and backend SF with a trip Dallas where my bother lives and Lake Tahoe where the snow lives. My brother and his gorgeous fiancé live in Dallas, hence our stop off there.

It’s a bit of a hike to get there, anywhere is from Perth! We left our house at 3.45am on Wednesday and arrived in Dallas 29 hours later after 3 flights. Thanks to the mystery of time zones we arrived at 5pm in Dallas. Getting to see my brother was so great. Unfortunately none of my family lives in the same city so we don’t get to see each other too often. So we made sure to pack loads into our trip there. Dallas is a cool city and there is loads to do there.

The first night the 4 of us went for Mexican…..so good and so cheap! I always knew the US was cheaper than Australia but Dallas is even cheaper. Here’s Fran enjoying his $6 margarita that came with a bottle of Corona and a shot of Grand Marnier on the side. Nice!



The day after we arrived my family who live in Newport, Rhode Island came down to visit which was deadly! They have 4 kids so now there were 10 of us hanging out. First night we went to an ice hockey game. The Dallas Stars were playing Toronto and won 7-1. They were underdogs so the atmosphere was amazing. Really cool to be there on such a fun night.


Looking through the camera after I saw a lot of pictures of the cheerleaders and ice girls……..


Friday we went to Fort Worth which is about an hour outside the city. Before I went I thought cowboy hats etc were a touristy thing. Yeah, that’s not true at all. Everyone wears them all the time. Including my brother and April! It looks awesome though……I would definitely get on board if I lived there. First stop was to Log Cain Village – It’s a collection of 7 cabins, a one-room schoolhouse and smokehouse from the mid-1800s that were moved from various locations to this spot. Visitors can learn about life in this era from pioneers who “live” and “work” here”.
We had people ranging from 6 through 55 and we all enjoyed it. They had people in each of the cabins talking about the history and lives of the people who lived there.


My brother is not wearing his boots and hat ironically…..


After the history lesson we went to the Stockyards in downtown Fort Worth to watch the bulls coming though the city. I had visions of Pamplona in my head so when they just walked I was a bit disappointed to see them walk so calmly! The come through twice a day.



We hung about sightseeing until dinner which was at a really famous bbq house – awesome grub. Fried pickels, mac & cheese, steak tacos, brisket, roast turkey…..we had it all. And cowboy cobbler……which seems to just be super super sweet pie.



After dinner we were ready for the highlight of the evening, the rodeo! The reason we were in Fort Worth. Man was this fun! I didn’t realise it was a real event, I thought it was just out on for tourists! Not at all, it’s a weekly event where cowboys travel from really far away to compete and win points for the league. So. Much. Fun. The cowboys and cowgirls (their word) are so talented. A huge new level of respect for them.



Such a great day…..if you ever get a chance to visit a rodeo go! The rest of our time in Dallas was spent hanging out with the family, visiting some outlet malls, bbq’ing and playing games. Have you played Cards against Humanity? If not go and order it right now. It is so good. Terribly rude and inappropriate, hence the appeal! Even Franman who hates board games loved it.

Next stop on our trip was San Fran…I’ll update that tomorrow. J

Have a good one!




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