It Starts…..


Yesterday kicked off week 1 of my marathon training! I am very excited about it right now. Last week I had a cold, and it was rainy,  but this week the sun is shining and it’s week 1 of marathon training!


So far it’s going very well. Yesterday my plan told me to run 4 miles (6.5km) in 38 mins, which was nice and comfortable. Today is a rest day. And tomorrow it’s 5 miles in 48mins – again, nice and comfortable. I think I have this marathon training down, and it’s only Day 2 😉


Right now I’m feeling pretty happy with the training – the ascent into high mileage per week is manageable, but I can see that it will become tricky to balance everything. It looks like it’ll be early morning runs for me – which will be an additional test of my character!


On the weekend I went to beautiful Bath for a hen do.


It was the perfect pre-marathon training weekend: lots of food, lots of champagne, and pretty dresses.


Pretty happy at afternoon tea with champagne and an orchid

While some of the girls went to look around the shops, I embraced my (not so) inner geek, got a map of ‘Jane Austen’s Bath’ and wandered around looking at where she lived and socialised.



 This is where she lived! 

I found the cutest book shop called ‘Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights‘, which had really helpful staff, never ending shelves of books, and little paper birds having from the ceiling. I then ate a Ben’s Cookie. It was a great afternoon.




On Saturday we had afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel, which was amazing. Look at how pretty these desserts are:



Then in the evening we went to a bar for some drinks and dancing. I completely embraced the last Saturday night for a while which wasn’t followed by a long Sunday run!

Ellie B

4 thoughts on “It Starts…..

  1. Well what a week! Marathons, Jane Austen, lovely bookshops, hen weekends……sounds just lovely! I’m heading to the airport later so will have to get a new book for the plane. I love week 1 – so shiny and new and manageable! You’ll do awesome…….don’t look too far ahead. You aren’t ready for week 10 now but you don’t need to be, you need to be able to do week 1. You can scare yourself. I am thinking of Gold Coast which means I need to start training in a month – i don’t feel ready….but all I need to be ready for is week 1! So that’s my tuppence…..focus on the now.

    • Thanks Gill – that is great advice. I was looking ahead, all excited, and when I saw what I have coming up…. I think I’m in denial! Gold Coast would be a great one. Crossing off all the Aussie marathons! We should make a date for Sydney 2015 😉

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