Friday Update: the truth is out there


And we have ourselves at another Friday. Here is a summary of how the week looks so far in terms of training:

  • Monday: Slow 4.1 miles/6.6k in 36:43, 3.5k in 31:09 with the Tempest Runners
  • Wednesday:Slow  5 miles/8k in 47:14
  • Thursday: Steady 3 miles/4.5k in 24:03, two hours of teaching pole in the evening


I like the gentle week so far – my guess is to ease you into running to a plan, and before you know it, you’re running intervals and Yasso 800s like a champ. I hope the transition is that seamless!


Strava always measures my run distance as shorter than my Garmin, and even MapMyRun (which I use sometimes to measure the runs before I go). It only cuts a small bit off, but it’s not the same to run a 10k race, and find your Strava has measured it as 9.8k! Not good for my pride 😉


The intuitive running is taking a back seat, and I’m getting into  paced running again. This is more challenging than it sounds! During yesterday’s run, I had to run 3 miles ‘steady’ pace in 26 mins, but I was 2 mins faster. During the run I had to remind myself to run ‘steady’ – and to be honest, I wasn’t sure at that stage what my ‘steady’ is. Apparently it’s marathon pace, so I’ll use that.


See, I wasn’t lying when I said a few months ago that half the challenge of this marathon would be interpreting the plan lingo!


This weekend we are heading to Yorkshire! What a pair of social butterflies. My friend’s family owns an old pub right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales (prepare yourselves for more photos), and my lovely god daughter turned 1 yesterday. I’ll spare them the risk of baking them a cake, and watching their scared faces as they take the first bite!


Also, last night I watched the first episode of ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’ on BBC3. I love Chris Lilley! I know this series is probably old news in Aussie, but I am loving seeing Ja’mie and all the Aussie scenery again. It’s totally quiche.



At the pole studio (and all other studios too it seems) it’s handstand February. Here’s a T for Tempest that I did with another Tempest Runner – please excuse the tight leggings!!




Ermmm, and just as an FYI, this arrived in the post today!! (please don’t judge me):


Good thing we have plans this weekend, otherwise I might not see daylight for the next 48 hours.

Does anyone else use Strava and have the same issue?


Have a great weekend!


Ellie B



One thought on “Friday Update: the truth is out there

  1. well done on your first week! Strava…..I am not sure? I use my garmin and then upload to Strava so don’t actually use it to record and analyse after. Why don’t you do the same? Upload after your run? Doing 9.8 after a 10km race is annoying!

    I can’t run intuitively at all – if I run without thinking I run quite slow!

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