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My first week of training went really well. I did 20 miles – which isn’t even a full marathon, but the difference in length and speed of the runs shook things up a little. Although I did this last year by myself to some extent, having an actual plan feels more official, and takes the decision process out of it, which makes it easier (she writes, in week 2 of 16!).


My long run was 8 miles on Sunday, in 75 mins (13k). It was the kind of run I haven’t been able to do in months: running around Durham, putting in some reasonable miles, and thinking my thoughts. SB ran with me for the first 5 miles, and it’s also been ages since we ran together, so it was especially nice.




I am now in Stockholm for a fleeting work trip. For the rest of the week I’ll be in London, and don’t expect to get much running in til Friday. Not running and not eating well seems to go hand in hand with me, and I’m already longing for Friday when I can do a similar run to Sunday, and cleanse myself of all the burger grease. Or maybe do those progression run I was supposed to do today and Thursday.


burger running

This will be Friday’s run

Over the weekend we had a gorgeous stay in the Yorkshire Dales with some friends, including  including Kensal Greens. We did a mammoth walk up and down a mountain hill where it was so windy that, had I jumped at any point, I’d have taken flight. My friend’s family own a pub, where we battled it out in an annual dominos and darts night. I say battled it out – all us non-locals were out by round three. I won’t say when I went out.





Kensal Greens ran the Berlin marathon a couple of years ago, and will do so again this year, and was telling me how emotional finishing is. I can imagine, because if my experience so far is anything to go by, the next few months will be consumed with thoughts like ‘when will I run this week?’, ‘do I do that speed session, or should I get over this cold?’, and ‘these shoes have started to give me blisters, but they match my tops. Should I replace them?’


After months of agonising over every little detail, I imagine that crossing that finish line will be like a wedding. You plan and plan for every event, but you can’t predict how it will go. And at the end of it all, it was a bit of a slog, you’re exhausted, but deliriously happy to have done it. To stay true to the metaphor, I should really look into a ‘marathon-moon’. I have heard that Croatia is nice in May….


The Guardian published a blog which showed where people run in the world’s major cities. Nathan Yau collected the data from Run Keeper, and produced what I think would look like fantastic art work for our living room wall:





Source: The

I think it’s lovely to see the bold lines, and picture the routes that I’ve run along them: it makes me feel like part of a collective whole. The same with blogging – it’s a lovely way to connect with other, like-minded people who don’t necessarily know anything about each other apart from their love of running (which is also why your comments are really cool).


It’s not as cold in Stockholm as I’d thought (not as cold as Oslo), so I wish I’d brought my running gear with me. But then, I’d probably get run over by looking the wrong way when crossing the road, so maybe it’s a blessing in disguise…


I’ll see you all next week, probably, with some actual content rather than the ramblings of a person sat in a hotel restaurant on their own!


Ellie B

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