Matter over Mind


Last week I lived like I was still in my early 20s. London, Stockholm, late nights, early starts, presentations, dinners, spas, massages, cocktails, prosecco and nights out. It was like a real-life Wolf of Wall Street, but without the drugs, pyramid scheme, yachts, $$$…. actually, it wasn’t so similar.


The result was, as I thought, I didn’t get much running in. To be honest, the thought of waking up at 5.30 to run before a 14 hour work day made me want to cry. During the week I was 100% ok with this choice – but when I returned home on the weekend, the dreaded comparisons came to bite me on my ass.


It seemed that everywhere I looked I saw people doing sport – and doing it better than me. People running further. People with flatter splits. People with stronger and prettier pole moves. I hadn’t the time or the energy to do any of that, and it made me feel low.


However, amongst all this, there are positive messages out there too, and I should have focussed on them instead. I’m still reading this book called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, and habit number one is ‘be proactive’ i.e. know that your choices play the biggest part in your happiness/effectiveness, and take responsibility for them.  I also saw this on one of my favourite running blogs which made me think:


Happiness formula = Do YOUR best and feel good about it

Unhappiness formula = Compare yourself to everyone else

So, basically, choosing to sit on my ass and focus on everyone elses’ successes as a negative comparison was a huge waste of energy. What I should have done is get back out there and run for me rather than to keep up with the Farahs Joneses. And, equally as important, I want to choose to celebrate the successes of others, and be happy for them, rather than view them only in comparison where I’m at. It may seem like a shock, but the whole world doesn’t revolve around me you know 😉


Yesterday was my first training session that challenged me (that’s what happens when you miss a whole week though). I did 1 mile warm up, 4*1 miles fast with 400m recoveries, and 1 mile cool down, totalling 7 miles. On the run, I quickly realised that my chosen road had an incline, and so two of my miles were much easier than the other two! I mis-read the exercise before I went out, and thought I had to do the fast miles in 6 mins, but was stoked when I came home to  find the plan said 7:30. My splits were:

  • 6:48
  • 7:50
  • 7:25
  • 8:00

So, a bit all over the place. That pacing again. Guess which were running up the incline?!


It felt good to push myself, and I think there was still a bit of a mental hangover from last week – it felt very cathartic to get my little legs going as fast as they could. Now there’s a baseline for my speedwork, and honestly, it’s a relief to know that I can (kind of) keep up with the training plan I chose!


So this post could have also been called ‘Movin on Up’, but I’m not really into MPeople, and would hate for that to be my theme tune. However, from here on in there will be no whining about how I couldn’t get much running in – if I didn’t, then I will really try to accept that it was my choice, and that it was made in good faith at the time. And to know that as soon as I go for another run, it’ll all feel right again.

feel good


Ellie B

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