Friday Update


I love the feeling in a run when it all ‘clicks’ and you feel like you could go on and on until either the sun goes down, or until you run past a Nandos and get distracted (we are having Nandos tonight and I can’t wait).


That happened to me today. I did 4 miles/6.5k during lunch, and for the first mile my legs felt like match stick that could snap at any moment. As soon as I crossed the 1 mile mark, I felt like I was flying. It was such a lovely day to run as well: the sun was out, there was a breeze to keep things challenging, and I had my favourite podcast to keep me company.


I have decided to switch one of my runs for a metafit class, to give my legs a chance to get stronger. My adductors are really weak, so they need some work to make sure I can make 26 miles. So I’ll have one more rest day from running, but do a Metafit then. Apart from today, because my first class was this morning. Remember what happens when I go to Metafit: I turn into a tomato.


I’ll sleep well tonight!


We did on-the-spot sprints with high knees, which were surprisingly really hard, and explains why my legs were brittle later on in the day. The rest of the session was core work, so that wasn’t too bad for my afternoon run.


So, after feeling a little down last week, this week is back with a bang! I have one more run scheduled for Sunday, and the will recap the week – I bet you can’t wait 😉


Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Ellie B



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