Happy Weekend



What is everyone doing this weekend? I am listening to Frankie and going to relax. It’s been a busy few weeks so looking forward to having no obligations this weekend.

I was all set to write a lovely post about my return to running (insert dramatic music here) but have been told I need to wrap this up quickly. So in lieu of running here are some fun links and I’ll come back tomorrow to fill you all in.

Middle Class Problems – a nice update to the first world problems. This was one of my faves J



Is anyone else SUPER EXCITED about the new Wes Anderson movie? Or just this nerd? I was reading an article that started with “As far as Wes Anderson films go, The Grand Budapest Hotel is the Wessiest film that ever Wessed”…..awesome!! It’s not here until April and I am counting down the days.

I bought this book recently on the recommendation of a pal Jason.



It’s a “3-week healthy lifestyle plan to help change your life” and it’s really good so far. I have made a few dishes and everything has been lovely and the exercises are great. Focuses on strength training which you can do at home which I like. The squats are killing me on my runs – my legs are weak! The have a recipe for zucchini (courgette) pasta which we tried on Thursday. Franman is always deeply suspicious of these types of foods but he inhaled it! I bought a spirualiser recently on the recommendation of the BJB and finally used it. so quick and easy, will definitely be using it again.



We blanched them for 30 seconds but you can eat them raw as well. We just dressed them with sesame oil but like pasta, they can take on any flavour. Super nice and recommended. I can add this to the cauliflower fried “rice” and cauliflower mash that Franman approved.


Have you seen Spirit of the Marathon? Well the second one was just released on DVD and I received it on Thursday. I immediately texted Franman to say our evening was sorted which he was super pumped about. 😉


It’s good but I think I prefer the first one. This may also be as there were lots of subtitles – it focuses on the Rome Marathon. Combined with the running, Franman was a little less than focused on it. So I might watch it again to be sure.

Ellie – watch the first one before your race, it’s pretty moving when you are tapering and your head is messed. Don’t worry about that now, we’ll discuss later. 😉


We bought a headboard recently but if I hadn’t I would be making this one. It’s an Ikea Hack which I love! Actually that’s complete BS – I like reading about Ikea Hacks.



I’ll have to get this for Fran. He is ‘flirting with paleo’ at the moment. Which so far appears to be eat lots of bacon




And finally, this is a NYC based website but there is great info on nutrition and training. They do a weekly Refrigerator Look Book which I love to read. More from an aspirational than inspirational but fun all the same.

Have a good one. J


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    • You too hon! When are you flying out???? I went back and added all the links if you want to see the bacon clock! Is it? I’ll have to get it – really enjoying this book as loads of different veggie options which is nice. Less reliance on carbs to bulk out the plate!

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