Week 7 training – The Zone

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One of the great things about running is the space it gives you. It’s like a time out from real life when you can think about whatever the heck you like.


Last week I had some stuff going on, and the best parts of my day was when I could get out and do my training. Have you ever had that? I love it when you can focus all your energy into running and feel the power and speed that it gives you. Happiness, excitement, sadness, anger – they can all make for excellent runing. And, ever the dramatic, I always have an appropriate playlist on to mirror what I feel/want to feel. It’s the perfect Zone. Doesn’t everyone have a soundtrack for themselves? 😉


Here is my run down on marathon training week 7:

  • Tuesday: 1 mile jog/strides, 10*400m with 200m recoveries, 1m jog – this was the best cathartic run
  • Wednesday: 6m/10km with the Striders
  • Thursday: taught 2 hours of pole
  • Friday: 7miles/11.6kms in 56:04
  • Saturday: pole play
  • Sunday: 16m/25.8km run in 2:21


I waited til the end of the weekend to smash out that 16-miler, and I don’t think that was a good idea. It was gorgeous running conditions when I finally went, but it felt like a piece of homework hanging over my head. Running on a Saturday morning means you feel like a superhero for the rest of the weekend, and can enjoy a nice meal on Saturday night without thinking of the digestive challenges the next day. Yep – it’s a glamorous life.

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It’s funny how quickly you move on from your goals and achievements whilst training: last week I was over the moon about running 14miles, but by Sunday 14 miles was old news. I’m already getting my head around 18 miles which is coming in 12 days time.

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I think it’s good because it’s made me realize they’re just numbers. Don’t get me wrong – last night I was knackered, and embarrassingly tipsy after a glass of wine that evening, but I’ve realized through this month that if you can get to one landmark, it’s not too hard to spring for the next one.

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But. When I finished yesterday, and tried to imagine going for another 10 miles, I wasn’t so enthusiastic. Let’s not try to run before we can walk (hahahahaha – running humor).


Ellie B


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