Living on a Prayer

living on a prayer

Whooaaaa I’m half way there…….!! In the middle of week 8, with another 8 weeks to go. It just seems like yesterday that I was chowing down on mince pies and mulled wine, maybe contemplating a run in the December air. These days I hardly recognise myself. I mean, right now, I’m chowing down on some mini eggs and coffee, contemplating my run tomorrow… oh wait. Apart from mileage, nothing has changed.

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This week I have been thinking a lot about running safety, and running safely. It’s still dark when I run in the evenings, but routes that I’d leave alone in Winter due to their isolation are slowly becoming more accessible.  Running alone can be pretty creepy – in the early morning, at night, in the city, in the country. Recently, I have started to tell SB where my routes are, especially on the longer runs. I also carry my drivers licence with me – and this post by Goldilocks Running highlights how carrying your phone might be beneficial to you, but may not be to anyone who is trying to help you if necessary (that is, if you lock your phone…).


I am also noticing an increase in bravado on my part when I’m running. My current gripe is roundabout indication – use your indicators, drivers!!! This week I scared myself as I dashed across the road at a roundabout as a car who wasn’t indicating tried to exit the roundabout. I was in the zone, aiming for a certain time for a certain run, and had I not been more aware, things could have been different. I’m embarrassed that I thought it was ok to go for the time rather than practice good road safety.


So here are my top tips for running safely:

  1. Choose a well-populated route
  2. Tell someone where you are running, and how long you expect to be
  3. Wear bright clothing
  4. Carry your phone and some form of ID with you at all times
  5. Don’t wear headphones
  6. Remember the roads – don’t be cocky. If you have to run on the roads, run against traffic
  7. Don’t run on the same route each day – mix it up
  8. Work out your route in advance: if you need to aim for certain targets, choose a route that will have you crossing fewer junctions and roads
  9. Be aware when you share the path with cyclists – they are pretty damn fast
  10. If you are at all worried, don’t run alone.


And once you’ve taken all that precaution, the only thing left is to run like you’re …..

living on a prayer

Haha – full circle, see?


Have a good weekend!


Ellie B

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