Morning Run, Sweden Style

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Today I missed my flight, and so now I am spending the night at Copenhagen airport. Not actually in the airport, but in a lovely, but expensive, Hilton where I am working late to make up for the time lost tomorrow when I get my next flight. Unless I miss that, too.


So I did what anyone would do: I high-tailed it to the hotel bar, where I’m working, eating and drinking. I just had the best chicken burger, so life isn’t too bad at the moment.


This morning I went for a run in Stockholm. Yesterday our CFO told me about a really 10k/6 mile nice track through parkland in the city, so today I got up before 6am – like a proper runner – to try it out. That never happens, so you can tell how excited /worried about my training* I was.

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One of my favourite things to do in a new city is to go running: you can learn so much about a city when you run through it. In Stockholm, unlike London or Sydney,  there were more walkers than runners, but everyone I saw had fabulous Winter exercise gear. Power walking has never looked so stylish.

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I decided to take it easy this morning: I wanted to see how my leg felt, there was a long day ahead of me, plus I didn’t know the route. It was awesome to just enjoy a couple of junk miles, and I stopped wayyyyy too many times to take pictures.  But it was so gorgeous! It was a little cold, but the air was so fresh and clean, and the sun was beaming down to warm things up. And I saw a house which must have been the inspiration for every haunted house in the entire world. So, if that’s not worth the early wake up call…..

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According to Strava I did 10.2k in 53 mins exactly.

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And now I will return to my work emails and Sauvignon Blanc. Happy Hump Day everyone!!


Ellie B


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  1. I’m going to Stockholm in two weeks. I was a bit worried about whether I’d like it with it being a city but looking at your snaps, it seems to have lots of green so may not be too bad. X

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