Running in the Rain

run in rain

Yesterday was my first run since the Big Race. It was a Tempest Runner’s session, which is the beginners group that I lead from our dance school.


Ignoring the good advice of my podiatrist, who recommended at least 10 days off (don’t try that at home), we set out. I can assure you - I didn’t do much running, just a kilometre to the river, and then I timed the group whilst they did 1k reps.


It had been muggy all day, and when we arrived at the river, the heavens opened and we were literally soaked. It rarely rains like that in Durham – bit fat rain that seems like you’re looking at the world through a lens.


Running in the rain is actually one of my favourites, especially if it’s still light and the sun is peeking through the clouds. The paths are clear, the colours are vibrant, the rain creates it’s own rhythm. Believe me, it’s all very poetic. Plus it’s like running in the cold: you feel like such a bad-ass when you’re done.


Here are some tips on how to approach rain-running:

  • Wear a hat with a brim. I always wear my trusty tennis hat, but even a beanie will help. This soaks up the rain and stops it pouring down your face
  • Wear light layers so you don’t get too cold. In fact, it’s arguably better to wear fewer layers than to wear  things that will get soaked and sit against your skin, making you cold
  • Lube yourself! If you are in danger of chafing, cover that area with vaseline. This works for feet, arms, chest, anything which could rub against material and cause you pain :(
  • Wear bright colours. Even if it’s light, the rain will mean that you aren’t as visible to others. This is my outfit of choice for the rain:

Running visibiliyt

  • Know that at some point, you will hate it. HATE it! You’ll have rain on your face, down your back, you won’t be able to see properly. But then you’ll move past it and get back to being a poetic bad ass again, contemplating how great it is to be alive in the rain.

run in rain

Don’t let our lovely Summer showers stop you from getting out there (or Winter showers if you’re in Aussie – but it doesn’t look like you’re having a tough Winter this year!).


Ellie B

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