Summer Runnin’, Had me a Blast

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And we’re back to running again, after yesterday’s random foray elsewhere. I felt more cultured just writing that post – hope you felt cultured too 😉


So! Today is the 31st July. On this day in 1856, Christchurch was chartered as a city in New Zealand. In 1928, Halina Konopacka of Poland became the first woman to win Olympic gold in track and field. In 1987, Guns n Roses release ‘Appetite for Destruction’. And in 2014: it’s the last day of #100MileJuly.


Working in London this week meant I had to be prepared in the face of this important deadline. Here’s how my final week went down:

  • Wednesday: The Clamber, 5.2 miles
  • Thursday: 6 miles
  • Sunday: 10 miles
  • Monday: 3.9 miles
  • Total: 25.1 miles


And that, ladies and gentlemen, puts me on 100.7 miles for July!! My self esteem is largely grounded in the satisfaction of crossing things off lists, so this week was a biggie: being prepared and reaching 100 miles. #winning


Even my ponytail is happy about this.

Even my ponytail is happy about this.

I really liked doing this challenge. Well, that’s a lie – there were many times this month when I wished I didn’t have to go running, many more times than usual. There’s something about having a target hanging over my head that makes me want to both smash it with exceptional prowess and run away at the same time. Do you ever get that? Lucky for me, the weather this July has been glorious, and it has been good to really sweat up a storm. Reminds me of my Sydney running days…..


What I did enjoy about the challenge is the variation: instead of running my typical 8-12k for ‘fun’, I was getting in any distance I could whenever I could. This meant short, long, fast and slow runs over more varied routes. It was fun to run 3.5 miles and really sprint it out, and also to go for 5 miles and chill out. As a super competitive person, this month reminded me that not every run has to be a race against myself. It’s true, you guys, it’s actually possible to enjoy running even when you don’t beat your last time. All miles are good miles. And maybe the biggest pro of the lot: my Summer running collection has had excellent exposure this month. 😉

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My legs were tired for weeks 2 and 3 from running more frequently. I don’t remember feeling like this during marathon training – maybe it’s like childbirth & I’ve blocked it….?


As we get tired when we run, we tend to just slap our feet down without proper form, which makes you vulnerable to injury and makes it harder overall. When I find myself doing this, I  concentrate on each muscle that works through the step: the hip flexor when I push the leg forward, the quads as I plant, and the hamstrings as I pull the leg up, and make sure that each muscle is working as effectively as possible. That helps me to resist dropping my form, and soon I’m able to carry on. Just a little tip to help you if you find yourself slapping your feet like you’re in clown shoes!


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Sooooooo that’s that challenge… next month I will be in London, Stockholm and Berlin for work, so I’m really hoping to get some running on all those places. Stay tuned for photos…….


I hope your week is going well!


Ellie B


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