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In the words of U2, ‘GEL-EV-A-TION! WHOOOO hoo! WHOOOO hooooo!’


Or maybe they were singing ‘El-e-va-tion’. Hard to say.


Anyway, last month I was the lucky recipient of a new pair of Asics Gel Evations! That was an exciting day, let me tell you. Everyone in my office knew about it. When I entered the Neon Run with my pals, I mentioned that I would be running in my Asics Kayanos, which qualified as entry to the competition, and then two months later they told me I’d won. :)


Recently I have favoured my Nike Free 4.0s to run in, as they are lightweight and don’t have the same stress points on my feet as my Brooks (thank god for no more ugly blood blisters!). Like my Frees, the Evations are designed for a neutral tread, and are designed for people with little pronation in their running. I actually over pronate, but I much prefer neutral shoes since the marathon.



The Evations are light, like the Frees, but they also have a raised heel – officially called the ‘Rearfoot Gel Cushioning Syste’. This is designed to lessen the impact of a heel strike. I always land on the balls or mid-foot, but what I found is that the raised heel contributes to a really good arch support, which is needed thanks to my ridiculously high arches. My arches are so high your momma makes herself right at home under them Terrible attempt at a joke. Turns out there’s nothing funny about high arches.


They are a snug fit too. The fit is something I find really challenging about shoes. Certain models are perfect, and when I’ve bought an exact replacement, they are too big. These are a much closer fit to any of my other shoes, however, I haven’t had any blisters with them. So things are looking good. They shoes also boast a removable sockliner to work with orthotics, and an open mesh top to help ventilation.


Running in these shoes took a bit of adjustment. Although the shoe boasts AHAR+ outsole material (which is supposed to help grip), I personally felt that the grip on the foot doesn’t feel as secure as some of my other shoes, so in wet weather I have to tread carefully. Initially I kept rolling my left ankle too: perhaps the neutrality of the shoe impacted the support, and needed a little getting used to.


Now I’m accustomed to these small differences, I am really happy with them. Whilst I found the grip to be a little weaker, the combo of the gel cushioning and the AHAR+ means that the impact of each step is reduced, so they are very comfortable to run in.Whilst not quite as light as my Frees (and this is based on feel rather than strict measurements), they are still very light, and they don’t put the same pressures on the balls of my feet that other shoes do. So after a month of trailing them out, I can heartily recommend them. Just be careful of your ankles…


In other news, I am now another year older. I am old enough that people feel it’s ok to say ’21 again – HAHAHA!’ Thanks, guys. Way to make a girl feel better.  I spent the day as any birthday girl would hope: in management meetings in Oslo.

There may have been meetings, but there was also DESSERT AND SPARKLERS!

There may have been meetings, but there was also DESSERT AND SPARKLERS!


Actually, as you can see, it was a great birthday. My colleagues were absolutely lovely and treated me to champagne, pizza and tiramisu. And there’s nothing like a room of 50 Scandinavian colleagues singing happy birthday to you! I also had a night out on Saturday which was more than enough to last til Tuesday.


Ellie B

3 thoughts on “Asics Gel Evation Review

  1. Hi Ellie!
    I’m interested to hear what you thought about the Elevation compared to the Kayano. I am a Kayano addict, currently have the 20s and love them, but I’m looking for something a little lighter. Thanks :)

    • Hi Louise – thanks for getting in touch!

      So my shoe experience is definitely governed by blister prevention. I had a fab pair of Kayanos, but when I bought the next model in the exact same size, the fit was different and I had big blood blisters on my little toes after most of my long runs. I haven’t run in them for a while – but I will, and let you know how they are compared to the Evations (other than my toes are unfortunately placed!).

      • Hi Louise! So I have run in the Kayanos a couple of times. For me, they felt very wide at the front of the foot, and it felt like the balls of my feet and toes had to grip the base so they didn’t slip. Which is very weird because I had an earlier model in the same size, and they fitted like a dream. Also, these shoes are pretty old by now so they’re not providing the support that a newer pair would.

        But after this experience, I would definitely want to ‘test run’ Kayanos before I spent the $$$ again – I haven’t been able to run long distances in these without getting huge blood blisters on my little toes because of the rubbing, which hasn’t happened in other pairs…

        But that’s just me. You may find they are perfect – it’s very subjective….

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