Photo Friday

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Today I am flying back to the UK after a week in Oslo. And for fun, because it’s Friday, I thought I ‘d show you how my week looked in photos. Soooo.. Enjoy!


It started on Saturday with the Night We Took All The Selfies. My camera is full. of. them. It’s like a time lapse video.





And the next day, I got the best present. It came in a huge purple box and contained two very important items:


photo 1-18


On the same day, I saw this on Twitter and thought it’d be fun to do:

photo 2-18


You can catch my very exciting #BookadayUK updates on Twitter here: @ElinorJR


Then in Oslo, the day after birthday Tiramisu, I went for a run:

photo 5-2photo 2-17photo 1-17photo 3-10



It was a slow run because I kept stopping to take photos. Oslo is great for running  – it’s pretty flat, and has wonderful waterside views. It was cold though!


And today I saw the best taxi in the whole wide world:

photo 1-16


I would literally pay someone to drive me around in this all day long, and all my money would vanish.


And finally – in our Oslo office, I saw these words of wisdom on the wall:

photo 2-16


Have a fabulous weekend everyone – go out there thinking that you CAN!!!!! (Whatever it is you want to do)


Ellie B



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