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Hey everyone


First of all:

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I haven’t lived in Sydney for three years, but I used to go to that cafe all the time, and a lot of my friends and family work very close by. I am so proud of the way the city responded with #Illridewithyou (what an awesome and spontaneous display of compassion), and I am so sorry for the victims, the hostages and their families. I know the city will be able to pull together to heal from this, and I hope the individuals involved can too.


Well, the posts are slowing down in December it seems. There’s a reason for that: I’ve not been too well. It’s nothing serious, but I have been advised not to run so much, and at certain points this month, not at all. So that’s why it’s been quiet from this end….


It’s a shame, because I had such lofty hopes for December. Remember my plan to run for 30 mins each day til Christmas? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Ha. Ha. In the last week I have clocked 90 minutes running, and in the last month it’s been a total of 170 mins. Pretty far off the target!


It has been an interesting couple of weeks, because my pace has slowed too. It’s easy to accept that’s part of the process when I’m on the run,  because I can’t go much faster, but when I see the time at the end sometimes I want to push faster to what I know I could do before. Running slower does mean that I have more time to take pics. Here is one from my last run on Sunday:


No Filter.

No Filter.

It’s a really funny transition, because so much of my marathon training this year was getting my head around the fact that I can run the distance – and at a certain pace – and now I have to train my mind to think that it’s ok to slow down when you need to. #Runnersproblems indeed.


Anyway, the upside of all this is that I have plenty of time to watch movies, and take amusing selfies pretending to have a ‘work meeting’ with Santa and a Snowman.


I think my colleagues will find it hilarious. Don't you?

I think my colleagues will find it hilarious. Don’t you?

So bear with me whilst I get my own bearings back! 😀 I’ll still post, but maybe not about my own running for a bit… until I have something to report.


Hope you’re all having a fabulous pre-Christmas week.


Ellie B

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