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If March was the month where much travel occurred, April was the month where I jumped back into my groove and dug myself deeper. Yes, readers, it was the return of the 10k.


I started March feeling all delicate and slow, and was doing 5 or 5.5k runs in about 30 mins. It felt like that distance was now my top line, and to push past it was too hard, I didn’t want to, where was my chair to sit down in going to make me too tired.


But then I returned to my running club, and my whole world changed. Well, the world that I’d created throughout March whereby it was ok to ease off the running. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s ok to ease off the running, but sometimes my mind is split in two: one half shouting ‘come on get out there! Go get those endorphins!’ and the other whispering ‘or you could just stay here. In your armchair and your robe. It’s enough for you to reach over for more chocolate caramel shortbread’, and for some reason the whispering is louder than the shouting.


So when I rocked up one Wednesday and found the group who was now my pace, and they said they were doing 10k/6 miles, my heart fluttered a little bit. But I took it nice and steady, and before I knew it (well, actually after an hour and a few stops to catch my breath after the hills), the 10k had been smashed! And nothing bad happened: I didn’t get a stitch, the baby didn’t fall out, I didn’t fall down in a daze after 5.5kms. I did go home feeling like I’d run 10 miles not 10k and have to go to bed early.


There was a bit of distance between my running pal and I …. and the rest of the group!

There was a bit of distance between my running pal and I …. and the rest of the group!

So three days later I ran it again. Some of our friends were doing a charity event where they covered 200k in one day:  they did one 10k run followed by a 40k cycle, and then repeated it four times in total. So, like the heroes we are, SB and i joined in. For one 10k. Yep – I told ya: heroes 😉 Some other friends joined in for a run and cycle, or did all the cycling, and there was a core team of about 10 who did the whole day.


It was a really good day, despite the pouring rain the whole way around. The adrenaline and good will helped us all – those who were feeling tired because they were doing the second of  four 10k runs, and those who were (pregnant and) a little out of shape.


Running slower = easier for running selfies. #veryimportant

Running slower = easier for running selfies. #veryimportant

Since then the 10k has enthroned itself as the staple of my training again, and it feels gooooood.


And in other news, could this weekend be any more exciting?? An royal baby and The Fight of The Century. I mean, I for one couldn;t wait to get up at 5am to see the richest sportsman alive win more millions. As if I did: we recorded it, and when it came time to watch it the next day, I was banished from the living room because I talked too much. So I went and got me some cake.


But seriously, this weekend had something for everyone. Sports, rivalries, bright lights, pretty dresses, new babies, baby names, gambling, Royal Family, celebrity endorsements (for the fight anyway…). What a time to be alive.


Ellie B

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