Running with a buggy


I am one step closer to becoming this person:


This is the goal.

We have a pretty central prop, which means all I need to focus on is my suntan for me to achieve my Running Mom dream. Yes, we are the proud owners of a running buggy, and now our front hall resembles some weird shoe/pushchair shop with all the clutter.


I did a lot of research into the different buggies on the market, and settled on the ‘Out’n’About Nipper Sport‘. Trying to decide on this was almost as hard as deciding what house to buy. There is so much to consider, like stability, safety, size, weight, suspension, breaks and whether the child will actually be comfortable. Here is why we decided on the Sport:

  • Most importantly: you can plug your carseat on there so it can be used from birth
  • It’s got good suspension so Baby B is very comfortable
  • There is a handbrake as well as a footbrake to help with downhill running/emergency stops
  • The storage is a cute little basket attached to the back of the seat. This means your goods aren’t close to the ground, getting splashed with mud, and you can actually store quite a lot in there
  • It’s very reasonably priced compared to other models. This is a market where you can spend some big bucks if you want!!


I was beyond excited to use this. There were so many afternoons where I thought ‘wouldn’t it be nice to go for a run?’ but we couldn’t unless I wanted to strap Baby B to my body using duct tape. I don’t think the suspension on that option would have been as good.


So what is it like running with a buggy??? Weird! And hard. It’s much lighter than our regular pram, but the front wheel is locked so there’s an art to turning corners. The result is a tricep workout as they direct the buggy round corners and away from walls.


It’s also strange to have stationery arms: as they are pushing, they’re not pumping back and forth like usual.  I find myself pushing one-handed to free up one arm to move. I think there is also more pressure on your legs as you’re not being propelled forward but need to push yourself, so my poor IT bands are in need of foam rolling…. ugh.


However, it’s awesome to run again, and even nicer to be able to run with SB again. It’s a very smooth ride for Baby B, who likes the speed and looking at all the leaves as we run too – no sleeping for her when I’m running! Plus, as Nottingham doesn’t have as many hills as Durham, it’s nice to have some resistance. It’s much harder than running solo, and I get more stitches so the pace is about 6:20 per km – the same pace as when I was pregnant. I love being able to go when the mood strikes us, and I also like the idea of Baby B getting all that fresh air. We just have to keep it up now the temperatures are dropping…. Baby B has a snowsuit, so there’s no excuse!!


Ellie B

4 thoughts on “Running with a buggy

  1. We had an older version of the nipper sport and I LOVED it. So much so that we bought a double buggy from out n about when the second one arrived. I do remember the fixed front wheel though…!

    • This is an excellent piece Ellie, thank you for sharing. As a Dad to be I am already thinking about how I will be able to keep my training routine. This post has definitely been insightful.

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