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Welcome to Double Trouble Running!!


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Who are we?

We met in Sydney through work 5 years ago, and have been pals ever since. Ellie is an Aussie living in England, and Gillian is Irish and living in Perth, Western Australia. We thought we’d share our unique perspectives on running on both side of the world with you all! :) Ellie is the regular poster of all things running related (and sometimes not running related), and Gilly offers insights into long distance training, discipline and eating right from time to time as well.

As well as running, we both love cooking, reading and pop culture. Cos we’re classy.


Ellie’s story:

I’m an Aussie living in the gorgeous North East of the UK: it’s the UK’s best kept secret!! We moved from Sydney to the UK before I reached high school, and since then I’ve divided my time between each country. Lucky me!

My favourite cross training activity is pole dancing, and I teach beginners & intermediates, as well as lead a beginners running group. If I had my way I would eat Indian food every day of the week. I try to keep up with the Sydney Swans, but it’s hard since I moved to the UK. I travel with work a lot, and try to run in every foreign city I visit.

My husband, SB, is a Research Scientist at a local university, and we married last year in the South West of England.

Ellie Can’t Live Without:

Chocolate, Radio 1, increasingly Radio 2, running by the water, pole dancing, Indian food, books, theatre darling, Runner’s World, my foam roller (begrudgingly), and Asos.


Gillian’s Life Story: 

I am Irish and live with my husband Franman in Perth, Western Australia. We have been here for almost 5 years and call it home. Before here I lived in Sydney, London, South Korea, Newport RI, NYC, Ibiza, Dublin and Galway! But I am settled now!

I work with a large social media software company as a Sales Manager which I love. Perth is the sunniest city in the world so I am usually outdoors running, mountain biking, drinking soy cappuccinos, at the beach or pool.. I love to read so please pass on any good reviews! I love baking but I can’t eat dairy so always looking for nice dairy free recipes. That are husband approved. He’s a fussy one. :)

Gillian Can’t Live Without:

Chips, reading, lululemon speed shorts, cooking and trying to stick to the recipe, long runs on a Saturday and recovery on a Sunday, running in Perth.


Disclaimer: We love running. Reading about it, talking about it, writing about it and doing it. However, we aren’t professionals in this field, and whatever we post on here is based on our own individual research rather than medical/professional advice. We don’t claim to know best practice in running or injury prevention or anything related. These are our opinions and interests that we want to share, so please bear that in mind when reading the blog.

We hope you enjoy DoubleTroubleRunning!

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