Christmas Plan that will Completely Work

So my exercise plan has continued to follow the unconventional route: two weeks ago we moved house, which involved lots of running between houses carrying shoes, moses baskets and soap dispensers, and of course lugging boxes around. It was as fun as you would imagine.   If I’m running the marathon in April, that means […]

First Run Back

Since the last post, we have had to find somewhere new to live, had my parents visiting from Australia, and today we have people packing all our things for the new house. We didn’t plan on moving again so soon, but we’re up for the challenge!   In amongst all the chaos, something REALLY exciting […]

Revised postpartum exercise plan!

Well, we’re four weeks in to this parenting thing. And my ideas on what exercise is possible have completely altered: I severely underestimated how life would change once my bump became a person!   I had imagined long walks in the Autumn sun, with a contented baby sleeping the afternoon away. I had imagined working […]

Cesarean Section: the lowdown, and did fitness really help?

Hi everyone – wow, two weeks since my last post. You can guess what happened recently: we had our baby! Baby B is now confirmed to be a little girl, and for the past three weeks we have learned that she loves bath time and cuddling, and hates changing her clothes and being put down […]

Exercise and Pregnancy: the last 9 months

So here’s another pregnancy post. I know, I’m sorry, I’m aware this is a running blog, and I’ve tried to keep it that way! But this huge thing has definitely impacted my running, and I thought perhaps that now we’re at the end of it all I could give you a run down of how […]

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