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Gillian’s Running Story and current goals.

I played a lot of sports as a teenager but gave them all up in my 20’s. I would like to blame travelling but I was really just having too good a time. When we moved to Sydney I had way too good a time and the pounds piled on! Nothing too drastic but I am 5′ 3″ and it showed. We moved to Perth and I decided I wanted to do a mini triathlon. The run section was 3km so my goal was to learn to run 5km. From there I did a 12km race in 1.15 and I did the same race the year after in 60 minutes.


Start of C2S Marathon 2012

That NYE I set a goal of doing a marathon in August.
I trained by myself – so boring, join a club if you can – and finished it in 4.03. I joined a club the following April and discovered a whole new world of intervals and tempo runs. This helped me drop to 3.36.

I am just about to start training for the Melbourne Marathon - which is coming up on October 13th. This will be my third marathon and I am hoping to go under 3.30 this time….3.29.59 will be awesome! My coach – from a large running club so not a private coach – is putting a schedule together for me which will start in mid June. Excited to start it but nervous about the training load. I am trying to add in bike rides twice a week for cross training but this sucks. And I need to add in some weights – squats, planks etc.

Ellie’s running story and current goals:

My running career started at the tender age of 19 when I was moaning about my fitness levels, and my boyfriend (now husband) said these wise words to me: “It’s no big deal to go for a 10 minute run”. So I did. And then I went for 20 minutes. And then 30. I’m sure you get the picture!

Hanging out on Bondi Beach after City2Surf

Hanging out on Bondi Beach after City2Surf

Currently I have two half marathons in September which I’m training for: the Great North Run in Newcastle, and Run to the Beat in London. I am also in love with trail running, especially these trails, and will hopefully run a few this year.

Trail in the Lake District

I run on my own and with a local running group. I don’t have a coach: I find programs that work for me online.

Pole dancing is my favourite form of cross training: it really works your core, strength and flexibility. I’m an instructor with a local dance school called Tempest Dance Studio.


Last 12 months events:

September 2013

Run to the Beat: 1:41:50

August 2013

Total Warrior 10k obstacle course: 1:44:48

July 2013

JP Morgan Challenge 5.6k race: 26:30

June 2013

Lakeland Trail Stavely 10 Challenge: 56:03

April 2013

Sunderland Half Marathon: 1:45:49

September 2012

Lakeland Trail Keswick 10 mile challenge: 1:29:31

Great North Run: 1:48:07



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