It’s just like riding a bike….

This week has started with a bang! Yesterday I did a 19k run, followed today by a 10k cycle and some dance teaching today, and finally some foam-roller loving. On the run I felt great – I was completely in the zone, and I put all my hills in the last 6k. Today my left adductor is having it’s revenge. It was only supposed to be 18k but I went an extra 0.7k to get myself  a chocolate milk from Sainsburys. Wouldn’t you?

Last weekend I got myself a new set of wheels: a new bike! I haven’t had a bike since I was in my teens. It’s a mixture of street-cool (it’s black and white) and softie (it has a basket). I was soooo looking forward to flying through the air all carefree and independent like when I was 15. And getting an ice cream and hanging out at the beach like the cool kids.


I totally forgot about how hard it is! How it could be calm all day until you get on your bike, and suddenly the wind blows a gale. How trees are suddenly the enemy with their branches whipping you in the face. And how flies seem even more determined to fly into your mouth than while running.


First ride: looking a little surprised that I made it back without any cuts and scrapes!

But – it’s all worth it when you get your speed up and suddenly you are 15 again flying through the air. :) All I need is Hanson playing on my disc man iPhone and it could be Summer of 1997.

Ellie B


Puddings galore

What a week; marathon training was intense, work was hard and we had to do a load of work on the house (we’re in the process of building a new house) I have been tired and stretched all week! So am in the need for a weekend of fun.

Tonight a galpal is having a few of us over for drinks and nibbles. Tomorrow morning I have my long run (26km at 6am) and I need to shop and prep as we are having Christmas in July on Sunday! Have you heard of Christmas in July?  I think it’s an Australian tradition – well we didn’t do it in Ireland. As the weather is the opposite here (that’s the actual scientific definition) it’s cold now so a great time to cook a full Christmas dinner. I imagine some “10 Pound Poms” brought it over on the boat.

10 pound

What’s been rocking my world this week? Besides cold weather running gear?

King of King: fistful of quarter. I saw this movie years ago and we caught it again on Foxtel. So funny!! Go rent it now! Or watch it here on youtube:  Speaking of movies I watched Argo last week – am I the last person to see this? Another thumbs up! It’s been a successful movie run of late…besides the 4 days late fees. Be cheaper to buy the dvd.

This pudding recipe! With our Christmas in July coming up I needed to make desserts….this always involves weeks of skype chats with my Mum. Many a cake was suggested and turned down. Being the festive season I knew I had to make a Christmassy dessert. I wanted to make a Christmas pudding but most of the ones I made growing up needed to sit for a month. This is a more modern version so you can serve it without the wait. Perfect! It is actually simmering away now….I had to stop myself eating the mixture it is so good! And the kitchen smells like Christmas. Even if it’s not Christmas where you are make it! I’ll serve it with homemade custard and a boozy toffee sauce.



I am making this Martha Stewart passion fruit cheesecake also – in my head this is a ‘light’ dessert as it has fruit. So perfect alongside a heavy pudding.


Besides baking what else? Well this is possibly the coolest job ad ever? Or is it because  I love books?

I just realised I use the word cool far too much…..but how cool is this glow in the dark bike?


Sick of baby photos on Facebook? UnBabyMe comes to the rescue. Controversial but welcome! 

Anyone in the Uk? How good is The Apprentice? Who will win!!  Cakes Vs Collagen?


I am not too fussed – not too fond of either of them. But I never like any of them! It takes a certain type of person to enter and get that far. But how great to see a female final.

And let’s finish off with an interview with the ever cool Mindy Kaling  – man I love her tv show.

Have a great weekend,

Gilly P

Monday Morning Distraction – 1st July 2013

Good morning all. What a lovely weekend we had here in Perth. This was the view from my recovery run last night – bliss! The weather was crazy good for winter – we are so lucky here.

South Perth

We had a lovely weekend. Friday night was date night…we had cheap thai and I saw Superman in 3D (meh). Saturday morning was a 23km long run (my favourite type of run), and we had leaving drinks on Saturday night for some pals. Sunday was coffee and cake, a recovery run along the beach where we got to watch dolphins playing, more coffee and cake and we finished off the weekend on the couch eating spag bol and watching Lincoln. I love Daniel Day Lewis – the man can do no wrong! He is most definitely top 5.


So besides googling pictures of men what’s distracting me from my “to do” list this morning? Well it seems this morning I am all about food and books! Two of my favourite things!

I am trying to incorporate two healthy rules into my diet – have a protein smoothie for breakfast and a salad (with other stuff) for lunch. I feel these two things will boost my intake of good foods and balance out the crap I started eating after I gave up alcohol. This morning I had a smoothie with plantfusion protein powder, chia seeds, almond milk, frozen strawberries and mango and spinach…..was so good! And quick!

I have been inspired by those mason jar salads you see everywhere! Well by everywhere I mean Pinterest. J I made this awesome  Curry Chickpea Salad from Fettle Vegan and it is yummy! Loaded into a tupperware container – I don’t have a big enough jar! – and added some extra veggies….very nice and I feel super smug. :)

It’s July 4th this week and we have Americans visiting our office – I want to make them a cake and have three options – which do you think I should do?

This looks good – but is just a sponge cake….and looks fiddly to make! 


This one is from Recipe snobs and I have most of the ingredients to hand. 


This is from Martha Stewart – looks fab but I don’t have her attention to detail so it will look nothing like this!

Speaking of recipes… you follow Thug Kitchen? Well if not you should! Healthy recipes  delivered in a “slap you in the face” manner. I love it.J

Will someone buy me this book for my upcoming “I need a new book” celebration?

And then get one of these posters? It’s the entire book written out on one page. J

I’ll leave you with this note – cycle your bike, it will put a big fat smile on your face!!!