Photo Friday



Today I am flying back to the UK after a week in Oslo. And for fun, because it’s Friday, I thought I ‘d show you how my week looked in photos. Soooo.. Enjoy!


It started on Saturday with the Night We Took All The Selfies. My camera is full. of. them. It’s like a time lapse video.





And the next day, I got the best present. It came in a huge purple box and contained two very important items:


photo 1-18


On the same day, I saw this on Twitter and thought it’d be fun to do:

photo 2-18


You can catch my very exciting #BookadayUK updates on Twitter here: @ElinorJR


Then in Oslo, the day after birthday Tiramisu, I went for a run:

photo 5-2photo 2-17photo 1-17photo 3-10



It was a slow run because I kept stopping to take photos. Oslo is great for running  – it’s pretty flat, and has wonderful waterside views. It was cold though!


And today I saw the best taxi in the whole wide world:

photo 1-16


I would literally pay someone to drive me around in this all day long, and all my money would vanish.


And finally – in our Oslo office, I saw these words of wisdom on the wall:

photo 2-16


Have a fabulous weekend everyone – go out there thinking that you CAN!!!!! (Whatever it is you want to do)


Ellie B



Asics Gel Evation Review


In the words of U2, ‘GEL-EV-A-TION! WHOOOO hoo! WHOOOO hooooo!’


Or maybe they were singing ‘El-e-va-tion’. Hard to say.


Anyway, last month I was the lucky recipient of a new pair of Asics Gel Evations! That was an exciting day, let me tell you. Everyone in my office knew about it. When I entered the Neon Run with my pals, I mentioned that I would be running in my Asics Kayanos, which qualified as entry to the competition, and then two months later they told me I’d won. :)


Recently I have favoured my Nike Free 4.0s to run in, as they are lightweight and don’t have the same stress points on my feet as my Brooks (thank god for no more ugly blood blisters!). Like my Frees, the Evations are designed for a neutral tread, and are designed for people with little pronation in their running. I actually over pronate, but I much prefer neutral shoes since the marathon.



The Evations are light, like the Frees, but they also have a raised heel – officially called the ‘Rearfoot Gel Cushioning Syste’. This is designed to lessen the impact of a heel strike. I always land on the balls or mid-foot, but what I found is that the raised heel contributes to a really good arch support, which is needed thanks to my ridiculously high arches. My arches are so high your momma makes herself right at home under them Terrible attempt at a joke. Turns out there’s nothing funny about high arches.


They are a snug fit too. The fit is something I find really challenging about shoes. Certain models are perfect, and when I’ve bought an exact replacement, they are too big. These are a much closer fit to any of my other shoes, however, I haven’t had any blisters with them. So things are looking good. They shoes also boast a removable sockliner to work with orthotics, and an open mesh top to help ventilation.


Running in these shoes took a bit of adjustment. Although the shoe boasts AHAR+ outsole material (which is supposed to help grip), I personally felt that the grip on the foot doesn’t feel as secure as some of my other shoes, so in wet weather I have to tread carefully. Initially I kept rolling my left ankle too: perhaps the neutrality of the shoe impacted the support, and needed a little getting used to.


Now I’m accustomed to these small differences, I am really happy with them. Whilst I found the grip to be a little weaker, the combo of the gel cushioning and the AHAR+ means that the impact of each step is reduced, so they are very comfortable to run in.Whilst not quite as light as my Frees (and this is based on feel rather than strict measurements), they are still very light, and they don’t put the same pressures on the balls of my feet that other shoes do. So after a month of trailing them out, I can heartily recommend them. Just be careful of your ankles…


In other news, I am now another year older. I am old enough that people feel it’s ok to say ’21 again – HAHAHA!’ Thanks, guys. Way to make a girl feel better.  I spent the day as any birthday girl would hope: in management meetings in Oslo.

There may have been meetings, but there was also DESSERT AND SPARKLERS!

There may have been meetings, but there was also DESSERT AND SPARKLERS!


Actually, as you can see, it was a great birthday. My colleagues were absolutely lovely and treated me to champagne, pizza and tiramisu. And there’s nothing like a room of 50 Scandinavian colleagues singing happy birthday to you! I also had a night out on Saturday which was more than enough to last til Tuesday.


Ellie B

Friday Five

Good afternoon everyone!! Welcome to Friday!


It’s a long weekend here in the UK – the last one before Christmas – and the whole country is excited. Well, apart from those who have to work.


I have seen other blogs do ‘confessions’ posts, where they basically reveal things about them that you might not know. Because I am nosy, I really like these posts. So here, for your reading pleasure, are my Friday Fives: five things that have happened to me in the last 10 days that you might not know:


  • I forgot my socks when I was in London, and went running anyway. Now my running shoes stink, and I can’t get the smell out. And, as they were in my suitcase with my other clothes, I’m worried that I smelled the whole time I was in Berlin. Being in HR means that everyone speaks to you very tactfully, so no one would have told me. Who knew a short 7k would prove such a potent enemy to my pretty, purple runners?
  • I discovered that green tea makes me sick. After drinking it first thing on an empty stomach for a while, I always felt nauseous. This morning I was actually physically sick – poor SB was trying to open his birthday presents, and I had to keep running to the bathroom.  It was a great start to his birthday. After a some good internet diagnosis, I learned that green tea stimulates stomach acid, which can upset your stomach. So… beware of green tea on an empty stomach! Back to coffee for me….. it’s a sign.
  • My mojo has gone this week… I haven’t wanted to go on any of the runs that I’ve done. This is kind of how I’ve felt this week:
Of course, that is not how I approached my runs this week because mid-week drinking is never clever.

Of course, that is not how I approached my runs this week because mid-week drinking is never clever.


Shut up and Run says you have to approach running like you would a doctor’s appointment, and think that you can’t back out – which is 100% true, and very helpful when you don’t want to go. Drag yourself out there, and about 5 minutes in, you’re a new person, all in love with life etc.

  • And for those looking for a bit of romance – I read this poem this week, and it has made my insides all gooey. It’s so romantic. I  love the idea that someone’s eyes has a voice which is deeper than roses. Imagine being the person this was written about – how could you carry on each day knowing that?

Gaaaah!! How can you not love those words?

  • I have recently become a bit concerned with facial wrinkle prevention: my dual struggle is that I smile a lot and also run a lot. Laughter lines are pretty well-entrenched – I’ve tried to master the no-wrinkle-smile, but it just look like I’m about to kill someone.
One says 'well well well... I've been expecting you' and the other one says 'genuinely happy to see you'.

One says ‘well well well… I’ve been expecting you’ and the other one says ‘genuinely happy to see you’. Both are kind of school-picture awkward.


And I dunno whether running causes wrinkles, but I’m not about to stop. What I am about to do is spend all my disposable income on good stuff to help this. My friend has this blog which has literally saved my life with all this – she is a chemist (like SB) and so really and actually knows what works and what doesn’t. Thank you, Lab Muffin!!!!!


I have also been eyeing up some races for Autumn – I haven’t done a half marathon this year yet, and it’s making me twitchy. I love the half!! I can’t wait til payday and I can sign up to them all.


And it’s SB’s birthday today!! Happy birthday to the cleverest Organic Chemist in all the land. I am using his special day as an excuse to eat as much chocolate and cake as I can. He’s not even here now…. I can still celebrate 😉


Happy Friday everyone, and if you’re in the UK, enjoy the long weekend!!


Ellie B