A perfect Christmas present for you runners out there….

Running with or without headphones is a big debate in running circles. It’s right up there alongside the benefits of barefoot running, and what is the best treat after a long run. I’m on the Pro-Headphones side: I  lurve running with them. Listening to music and podcasts helps me establish a rhythm, it distracts from the tougher times, and it helps me learn song lyrics so I look like the biggest geek in the world cool at karaoke. Because, you can look cool at karaoke. Believe me.


Anyway. Headphones are a big deal, and I’m very particular. They can’t be too big or they’ll fall out of my tiny ears. They also can’t have a solid wrap-around headband, as they don’t often fit my narrow bean head.


66 Audio sent me a pair of their BTS Sports headphones to try out, and I was reallllllllllly excited about it as they use blue tooth, which is the ultimate in cool headphone technology. Many a time have I pulled my own headphones out with an enthusiastic arm swing getting in the way of the cord.



They arrived and my first feeling was one of uncertainty: they were a little bulkier than I had thought, and there was my enemy the wrap-around headband! But my uncertainty was short lived as they are honestly a dream to run with, and this is coming from someone with a bean head and a running soundtrack compulsion.


Here is why they are the bees knees:

  • They paired immediately with my phone, no hassles at all
  • They actually cuddle the top of your ear between the band and the headphone itself, so it’s not the wrap-around band that holds them in place. That means there’s greater flexibility in terms of whose head they will fit: I imagine these will fit everyone.
  • The large headphone pads (or whatever the right term is) means they aren’t falling out of your ears, with the added plus that your ears are kept all toasty warm
  • The volume is powerful enough to compete with a busy road or a crying baby, and they use noise cancelling technology
  • They have a microphone so you can make and receive calls clearly




There is very little movement once they are in place, and I don’t feel like I’m actually wearing them. There are controls on the right ear so you can jump/rewind tracks, adjust the volume etc, with grooves so your fingers can suss out which button is which. Personally I can never actually get things like this to work when I’m running, but it’d be good for someone a little more switched on perhaps.

BTS phone

See the ridges on the side of the earphone

I have used them both outdoors and in the gym, and I have to say it’s refreshing to be able to put your phone on the ledge of the running machine without worrying about getting caught up in the cable like a fool. Or accidentally pulling your phone onto the treadmill and running on it. I’ve charged them once (they just plug into your computer), and so far I’ve gotten 8 hours worth of use, but apparently they can be used for 30 hours between charges.

Action gym shot

Action gym shot

In my opinion they are really good all around headphones, but great for running. Amazon sells them for £46.99*, so compared to other brands, it’s a really good price! A perfect Christmas present for that runner in your life.

Here's how they sit snugly on the ear

Here’s how they sit snugly on the ear

Anyway, I have to go now because my little piggy went to sleep when we were out running just now, and I can hear her snuffling around downstairs.


I hope you’re all having a great December, and a great start to Christmas!! Hurray!!


Ellie B


*I am not sure whether any retailers in Australia sell them, however you can order them from the UK/US Amazon sites and have them shipped.


Disclaimer: These headphones were sent to me to review, but this hasn’t impacted my views on them. They genuinely are a very good item.