Keep Calm And….

This week was an interesting one for my training. On Monday I went dancing and ran through my routine for the competition. I reasonably happy cos I was able to get through the routine – there’s still time to make it look any good!

I didn’t stretch when I left as I rushed to get back to work on time. And for the next three days, my left shoulder was really aching.  After a bit of internet research (a credible diagnosis you know), I was worried it might be my rotator cuff. I went again on Thursday and took it really easy, and cooled down afterwards. Thank goodness it’s better! I think it just needed loosening up.

It worked out ok this time, but I was so scared I had done something serious. I was so careful to listen to what was going on when I was practicing on Thursday, and from now on will not cut out any cool downs or warm ups!


The rest of the week looked like this training-wise:

Monday – Irresponsible dance session

Tuesday – Cleo’s hardcore splits & abs DVD

Cleo and I keeping it real.

Cleo and I keeping it real.

Wednesday – club run. 14k at 6.18 per km. It’s slower than my usual pace, but there were lots of hills, and at one point we were literally scrambling up the hill tops climbing over fallen trees. It was ace!

Ok. This wasn't the hilly bit. But there were hills.

Ok. This wasn’t the hilly bit. But there were hills.

Thursday – responsible dance session :)

Friday – Mexican Dinner & Ice cream

And finally, here’s what I’m loving Friday!

  • These running shorts. I love love love the colour, the design, and the fact that I would finally own something by Stella McCartney. But £54 for shorts? 

Stella McCartney

  • The Kingmaker’s Daughter. I love Philippa Gregory’s novels – she makes history so accessible (if not 100% accurate), and tells the story of the women so well.

The Kingmakers Daughter

So that’s all from me! Tomorrow I am aiming to go for some hill runs, and on Sunday our dance studio is having it’s very first competition. I’m a judge and I am so excited to see what the girls come up with!

Have a good weekend!