Saucony Style

In both my beloved countries, this is a tricky running season. Is it  too hot? Too cold? Will it rain? Is it sunny but actually freezing outside? That last one has caught me out many times. In the UK, the temp is dropping but there is still humidity in the air, and in Australia, the mornings are still chilly compared to the rest of the day. It’s really hard to know what to wear on your runs that won ‘t have you dripping with sweat or shivering.


Luckily for me, sent me some clothes to try out over the last few weeks, and they have been perfect for this in-between weather. For the last few weeks, my outfit of choice has included Saucony Bullet Capris and a Saucony Transition Hoody.


These leggings have some features that I really like. There are two media pockets – one on each leg – which I much prefer to using a zip up pocket. My iPhone is always easily accessible without fiddling with zips, the headphone cord isn’t squashed into a too-small pocket, yet everything is tightly smushed in by the material so there’s no danger of losing it. Plus – there’s still a zip up pocket at the back for anything extra, like plasters, energy gels or vaseline. They also have three small reflective points on them, which is great for this UK weather when it’s dull in the afternoons and dark in the evenings, and in Australia, when the mornings are still brightening slowly.


These leggings are lovely to run in. They are 80% nylon and 20% spandex, which means they hug nice and close when you wear them. That might sound weird, but it allows for full mobility when you’re running, which makes you feel super-streamlined. Plus, in my opinion, the material works with you: when it’s warmer, it feels cool, but when it’s colder, somehow the elasticity warms you up. They also have a wide waist band, which sits very comfortably on your stomach when you run: no pressure exerted, unlike the narrow waistbands.


The hoody is my favourite of the two. First of all, let’s talk aesthetics: it’s a really pretty top. It’s looking a little more orange in the pics I’ve taken, but in reality it’s a fab bright pink with purple piped edges. The colour really stands out when you run – again, perfect for dull weather when you don’t want to be missed by any oncoming cars!


When I think of a hoody, I think of a heavy, oversized jumper that is about 90% comfort and 10% practical. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this hoody is really lightweight: it’s made using ‘featherlight fabric’, which is polyester, and it’s great for wearing over the top of a vest to keep the chill off. The material is mesh, which allows your skin to breathe while you’re running, and uses wicking technology to draw sweat away from the surface of your skin. It’s not been a problem to tie it around my waist if i’ve been too hot, because it’s so light that I’ve not noticed the extra weight, or any discomfort. 


This hoody also has a small zip up pocket for your key, and it was so subtle that I didn’t spot it for about a week! There’s nothing worse than running with a key jangling in a pocket, so this discreet pocket is perfect. The hoody also has thumb holes, which I also love. I hate running with cold hands and wrists!


Discreet key pocket and lovely thumb pockets

There is actually nothing which doesn’t work about these two items: they have been delightful all Autumn. If I was being fussy, I would suggest that perhaps the leggings could have more reflection on them, but that’s because I know Winter’s coming where I live and I’ll basically need to look like a well-lit Christmas tree every time I run.


But this outfit isn’t meant for then – it’s meant for right now, whether you’re in Australia or England. It’s the perfect in-between seasons outfit in that it’s very lightweight and easy to wear, it keeps you warm when you need, and cool when you need.


Look at the concentration on my face. It takes effort to look so carefree and jump at the same time.

Look at the concentration on my face. It takes effort to look so carefree and jump at the same time.

Both items are currently on sale at (even better), who are designed to be the one stop shop (see what they did there?) for all things fitness related and sell not only clothing, equipment and nutritional products too. They want to help people maintain healthy lifestyles by helping them find way they need in one place. They have same day dispatch and flat rate shipping, and also ship internationally if any UK readers want to give them a go! Who doesn’t love getting internet parcels delivered?


Ellie B


Disclaimer: I was sent these products to review, but that hasn’t influenced my opinion of them. All opinions here are my own.