Friday Favourites – Totes Emosh


This week I’ve had a sensory overload, and I’m 1000% sure that I’m not being over-dramatic. All of a sudden, everything that I see/read/listen to is amazing. ‘Totes amaze’ if you’re below 27. Or wishing you were below 27. I must admit there’s nothing to do with running on this list, but I really want to share what I’m loving this week. And what good is a blog if you can’t push your own thoughts and ideas forward? 😉


So, without further ado:


  • Coldplay Ghost Stories. Apart from having the prettiest album cover ever, this is very different to their other albums. Although there are only 9 tracks, each one has such lovely lyrics that I’m grateful there’s no ‘filler’. It’s kind of Coldplay-meets-Cafe del Mar if you can imagine. My personal favourites are tracks 5 and 7.

Ghost Stories

  • Empire Falls. It took me a little while to get into this book, but I cannot put it down now. Set in a former industrial town, it’s all about fate and choices. I want to give so many of the characters a big hug. Don’t be put off by my sentimentality – it’s not chick lit, and is definitely worth a read.

photo 3-2

  • Romantic Works by Keaton Henson. Keaton Henson is not a happy artist! But this album is an instrumental delight. So…. if you’re feeling pensive, contemplative, and in need of some cello/piano love then go nuts. I’ve had him on repeat since Tuesday. If you’re not in that place, then I highly recommend Katy Perry, who is always a contender for my list, but this week she doesn’t match my mood. 😉

photo 2

  • Katy Perry. Because she is awesome, and I feel bad for recommending her as a second best. When she performed at Radio 1’s One Big Weekend, she just replaced Kylie as the Pop-Star-I-Wanna-Be: that treasured title that I’m sure all female pop-stars want to hold. But where does that leave Beyonce?? 
I tell ya. It's me with dark hair.

I tell ya. It’s me with dark hair.


  • Henrik Ibsen. Oh yes, people, I went there. There’s a Nineteenth Century playwright on my list. Blame Oslo. I read ‘A Doll’s House’ for school when I was 17, and out of everything I’ve read, I don’t think there’s not been a character I think of more frequently than poor old Nora. I have a friend who may read this and smirk – I did not feel so sympathetic at 17. But now that I’m older and wiser, I can a) appreciate how revolutionary the play was, and b) sympathise with the choice that she made. And being in Oslo, where Ibsen lived, I couldn’t help but mark the occasion.
photo 4-2

Selfies with Katy and Henrik

So there you have it. Slightly different to other weeks – I’ve been a bit emosh recently, and these things have helped me process. Deal. Whatever pop-psychology has been necessary. And an honorary mention for the list is the beautiful city of Oslo, where I’ve been for work all week. I can’t get over how gorgeous it is. It’s not the most vibrant or happening of places, but there’s definitely something about it … maybe it’s their penchant for putting statues of random people everywhere. So here are some more pics:

 photo 2-3 photo 3-3 photo 4-3 photo 1-3


Have a wonderful weekend everyone. And if you in the mood to have a Very Serious Conversation about literature, the arts and the meaning of life, give me a call. It seems that’s where I’m at this Friday. 30 Rock jokes one day, culture the next. And somewhere in between…. maybe some running?!?!?!


Ellie B



Friday & Freshers Fair

Happy Friday everyone!!


So, after my moan earlier on this week, it turns out that cross training is actually pretty fun: I had forgotten what else I can do as well as run. Here is how my week has looked:


  • Monday: conditioning and abs
  • Tuesday: Aerial yoga
  • Wednesday: 1 hour pole, 1 meta fit class
  • Thursday: 1 hour pole class
  • Friday: conditioning and abs


It’s been a good all-over week, and my back, arms, legs, glutes are all feeling pretty tired! At my dance studio, October is Octobutt, and everyone’s working on improving their glutes. So that will work really well with the old IT band stuff too :)


On Wednesday I went to the Durham University Fresher’s Fair. Not because I am one of those people who hangs around uni pretending they’re 10 years younger than they are, but because our dance school’s university societies were there. During my lunch break I headed down to the union and to demonstrate pole and aerial arts.


Janie and I just hanging around…..

If pole dancing has taught me one thing, it’s that you’re never too old/unfit/scared to do things that will amaze you. When I started, I never thought I would be able to do the splits, deadlift myself upside down, or even just feel comfortable in my own body. Before, I was a little caught up in the way the media portrays things. Lose that Winter weight now! 10 diet secrets you NEED to know! How to get that golden tan!


Instead of helping you feel comfortable, all this does is encourage you to think of your body as something that deliberately works against you, and which needs to be controlled. Now, my bod and I are a team, and we work together to do the things I want to do, and knowing that is the nicest feeling.


Now, I’m no expert, but if anyone is feeling down about their bodies, I would definitely recommend going and doing some exercise. Hopefully even a short walk around the block will remind you that you and your body work together. And then you can start to gradually increase it and maybe even find yourself doing something that will amaze you.


And finally, here’s what I’m loving this Friday!

  • Breaking Bad. Along with the rest of the universe. I have had a huge love/hate thing with this show: just when I begin to like it, everyone starts to be all mean to each other again. We have two episode left, and I do think that it’s had the best end of show climax I’ve ever seen though….. HOW WILL IT END?????????? (Don’t tell me)
  • ‘Atlas’ by Coldplay: Coldplay’s new song is perfect for Autumn. It’s moody, atmospheric and slow, great for those grey mornings.
  • 8 minute abs.  I heard about this from one of my fave bloggers, and during Abs August, I gave it a try. It’s so quick, but it’s painful and you see results very quickly. But it HURTS!
  • Nike and Run to the Beat: They came under some fire after the way their race was organised. As a goodwill gesture, they refunded £10 to every participant, and a t-shirt and apology note arrived in the post as a surprise too. Nice to see they acknowledged their errors, and thanks for another great shirt!
  • Radio 1 Live Lounge: September was Even More Music Month at Radio 1, and they had someone in the live lounge every day. It was ace. Here’s the most watched video on youtube from all the live lounges that month: Bastille, covering Party by Miley.


 Thanks Nike!!

I hope you all have a good weekend! Any interesting plans? We are running a 10k trail, so fingers crossed it’s not raining (too) hard!


Ellie B