What do you do after a marathon? See EVERYONE

After a mad rush at work, a Friday evening flight, and hours of public transport in between, what’s the best way to calm yourself?


That’ll do it.


Since finishing the marathon, I’ve had loads of time on my hands and can actually catch up with people without worrying about trying to fit a 12 mile run in as well! It feels like I’m on holiday.


Last weekend I went to the South Coast to visit some pals who I have known for TWENTY YEARS. The days were filled with beaches, babies and BBQs.  And then the weekend ended with a crisp white wine with another friend – not too shabby at all!




I also met up with my 21 year old cousin from Adelaide who was in London for a few days. Shout out to the bouncer who let us jump right to the front of the queue to the bar  – my cousin now thinks I’m the Sarah Jessica Parker of London! 😉

photo 4

Good view for out of towners, don’t you think?


The next run on my agenda is a 5.6k dash around Battersea Park as part of the global JP Morgan challenge. Last year my time was 26:30 (I think) and I’m desperate to beat it. Yesterday I did 5.5k in 26:10, so the next few weeks will be full of fast sprint work I think…..


However. Yesterday morning I woke up with the worst cramp in my left calf muscle – SB woke up to me screaming like a baby. Since then it’s been really tight, so perhaps a 5.5k run wasn’t the best idea?! I was in London for work for three days this week, and I think my left calf is protesting at all that time in high heels. Sure, I can knock 26.2 miles over without any issues, but give me three days in high heels and I’m a broken lady.


Finally – my feet are healing!! Hurrah! Soon I will no longer scare my poor pole dancing students, I will be able to wear pretty sandals again, and I’ll be able to run without pain! It has come to my attention that writing about my blisters sounds like I’m the biggest wuss. So I’m sorry to have to do this, but I have put a picture of my feet so you can see what I’m dealing with. I’ve not had normal, pink skin on my feet for two months now!

photo 1-1

Sorry (not sorry)!

And with that gorgeous view burned into your brain, I’ll leave you to enjoy your Friday! 😉


Ellie B