10 miles + Chocolate Milk = Monday Evening

This week has been the first week I’ve been able to get in some proper runs for ages! And it felt ace. Because I’m so good at planning, we moved house the month before my two half marathons, which didn’t help my speed work, but really helped my endurance. 😉

Tonight’s run was 10 miles/16k in 82 minutes. It was an out-and-back, with downhill on the way, which only meant one thing for the way back. I tried really hard to negative split, but didn’t quite make it – there was 4k of uphill on the way back which was challenging. I mean, it wasn’t Everest or anything, but it was enough! And at the end, I treated myself to a chocolate milk.


Feeling perky: still heading downhill!

SB’s family came to visit on the weekend, which meant lots of tapas, coffee, bacon and pasta. My sis-in-law and I did a gentle 9k on Saturday morning, but she was used to flat London, not hilly Durham, and wouldn’t say it was a gentle Saturday morning run! When we met at the front door we realised we had the exact same running outfit on. Even down our brand new shoes.


After that we went to Tynemouth coast to make the most of the good weather, and then played a really competitive game of Cranium. I have a confession: even though I do tell you all from time to time that I’m edgy, I’m not really. And here’s how you can tell: when my sis-in-law and I won anything in Cranium, she always went for a high five, and I went for high ten (cos it’s a bit more special). It resulted in a really awkward half hand slap, and a mortified giggle. Every time.


Tomorrow I’m going to aerial yoga to stretch out my legs. I’m sure they’re in shock after a few weeks of chilling out, and will make their views known tomorrow.

And finally, congratulations to my DAD!! He ran Sydney’s City2Surf yesterday in 96 minutes!! I’m so proud of him 😀

Ellie B