It’s just like riding a bike….

This week has started with a bang! Yesterday I did a 19k run, followed today by a 10k cycle and some dance teaching today, and finally some foam-roller loving. On the run I felt great – I was completely in the zone, and I put all my hills in the last 6k. Today my left adductor is having it’s revenge. It was only supposed to be 18k but I went an extra 0.7k to get myself  a chocolate milk from Sainsburys. Wouldn’t you?

Last weekend I got myself a new set of wheels: a new bike! I haven’t had a bike since I was in my teens. It’s a mixture of street-cool (it’s black and white) and softie (it has a basket). I was soooo looking forward to flying through the air all carefree and independent like when I was 15. And getting an ice cream and hanging out at the beach like the cool kids.


I totally forgot about how hard it is! How it could be calm all day until you get on your bike, and suddenly the wind blows a gale. How trees are suddenly the enemy with their branches whipping you in the face. And how flies seem even more determined to fly into your mouth than while running.


First ride: looking a little surprised that I made it back without any cuts and scrapes!

But – it’s all worth it when you get your speed up and suddenly you are 15 again flying through the air. :) All I need is Hanson playing on my disc man iPhone and it could be Summer of 1997.

Ellie B