Tearfund, Trail Running and Saturday morning videos


Good morning everyone!! I hope you’re all having a fabulous Saturday.


I am up at 7am on a weekend because SB and I are doing a trail race today. It’s in the Lake District, which is about 2 hours away. Some of us (the ones writing this post) are happier about this than others (the one’s who aren’t writing this post but are still in bed).


I’m dedicating this race to Tearfund’s No Child Taken campaign: in 2014 they want to stop 50,000 vulnerable children from being trafficked. Child trafficking accounts for 27% of all human trafficking, and this number is growing disproportionately to other trafficking. Two out of every three victims are girls. In Nepal, some 20,000 children art trafficked each year.


Tearfund are working with local communities where vulnerable children live. They focus on educating the children and their families about the risks of trafficking, so they can identify potential traffickers, and help provide them with the skills and tools to provide a more constructive and sustainable source of income. This includes keeping them in school.


I chose this particular campaign because I think all children should be able to grow up at home, with their families, and feel safe, and there should be an emphasis on educating our young people. If you are interested in reading more, or even donating,  you can find their campaign  website here.


And to finish up, here are four things to watch this week:


  • Russell Brand on the Jonathan Ross show. Always entertaining, always self deprecating, always extreme, but I can’t help thinking that there are small nuggets of truth in what he says…So good!!
  • Daniel Radcliffe rapping up a storm. This. Is. Awesome. How good is his rhythm?!?!?!?! I  have new found respect for D-Rad. He was also on that same Jonathan Ross show, generally being a nice guy. I saw him in London a few weeks ago with his girlfriend in a museum, and he seemed so sweet. He’s only my height you know.
  • 73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker. Gilly introduced me to the Anna Wintour one, which was fab. This one with SJP is good because you can have a good nose around her house, and she feels like everyone’s best friend.
  • New Drive Film with New Soundtrack. This is on iPlayer for the next week. All week on Zane Lowe’s show, he has been interviewing the musicians who have contributed to this updated soundtrack, and all the songs are great for this film. Plus, you know, Ryan Gosling.


Have a great weekend people!!!! 😀

Ellie B