10 things to remember when you line up for a marathon.


So I’m not sure if you know, but my best pal Ellie B is running her first marathon tomorrow!! To say I am excited and proud of her is an understatement! Deciding you are going to run a marathon takes balls. It’s a big bold challenge, something most people would never do. Then you have to commit to a program and stick with it. 16 weeks of running 5-6 times a week, regardless of the weather, your mood, work commitments and everlasting tiredness. It also takes a very patient and loving partner – kudos SB. Getting to the start line in one piece is an achievement in itself and everyone who lines up tomorrow has accomplished something most people wouldn’t even begin to entertain.

So tomorrow Ellie, when you feel sick and nervous and jittery and have no idea what is coming next I think you should remember the following.

  1. Marathon training is harder than running the race. Tomorrow you get to realise all your hard work with fresh legs.
  2. You are an experienced runner……you have done loads of races and are speedy as. Tomorrow is just another long run.
  3. Oprah ran a marathon. In 4.29.20. You can beat Oprah. List of celebs who have run marathoners
  4. You are strong as an ox – all your pole classes and strength work will pay off dividends in the last 10km.
  5. You will join a very elite group tomorrow – only .5% of people have completed a marathon.
  6. You will burn, approx., over 2,880 calories tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your post-race meal pictures. (Book somewhere amazing now if you haven’t already – you don’t want to waste that meal on Nando’s.)
  7. Runners high? Wait till you feel marathon high!
  8. Ibuprofen can help with your blister pain.
  9. You are guaranteed a PR tomorrow!
  10. And last but not least………have fun! Yes it’s a race. But I’m goinging out on a limb here and guessing you won’t win. So no stress. Just think of it as a really long fun run! When you’re struggling at the end……and everyone struggles regardless……remember how awesome you are and how a little pain now is a lot of smiles later. J

Have an amazing race (we should totally enter the amazing race!!) and cannot wait to hear all about it! You got this.

Gill xxxx



That’s why they are hurting! J