Monday Musings – 22nd July

Well hello there. Another freezing Monday morning was had here in Perth. One of those ones that made you think “socks are ok with my heels, aren’t they”? I braved the cold though and maintained my sartorial reputation. I cannot wait for Spring to have sprung.

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? I pretend to my husband I am not – so then I earn tv points. But secretly I enjoy it. I have been spending my points on House of Cards and The Newsroom. I need to get stuck into a new show though. Any recommendations? Not reality please….I watch enough of that drivel as it is.

Anyway, if you are a fan of GOF you should enjoy this tribute to its dead characters. To the music of Boyz II Men. What’s not to love eh?

Hopefully Joffrey will be in there soon – he scares me so bad!


When you’re finished why not head over to ebay and bid on this piece of history?


And stop the lights!!!!!!!!!!

Do we care?? Do we want to play a game and guess a name? How awesome would it be if she picked some wanky celeb name… North. J

Which leads me nicely into the fact that I am too old for this crap! I no longer understand queuing for bars, chart music, shots…..I am a buzzkill. L


Is it just me or do Dorothy Perkins do the best cheap work dresses?

This is only $30 – very doable for a work / evening dress?

I also need a dress for a wedding – in December – but not sure that one above is dressy enough. Or flashy enough! I think these are more wedding appropriate

This is what I would like to look like – but never do! Ellie reckons it’s all in the accessories; I need a fascinator!


And I’ll leave you with these rules And a golden rule I think all offices should have. Especially here in the land down under. Vegemite should be banned from all work areas – it stinks!!!

Have a good one.