Finally Friday!

So another Friday is upon us :) I love the 6pm feeling!

This week, instead of “What I’m Loving Friday”, I just have one word for you: chocolate. This week has been all about the chocolate. It started with the chocolate pav I made for the BBQ, followed by chocolate milk on Monday, lots of Dairy Milk leftover from a Dairy Milk-Banana-BBQ experiment gone wrong, and all topped off with some birthday cake. It was SB’s birthday yesterday – and I celebrated with muchos birthday cake 😀


Here’s a run down on my training this week:

  • Monday: 11.5 mile run at just over 8 mins a mile. I didn’t feel any pain on the run, but the next few days, my adductor and my IT band were really tender. So I eased off the serious training for a few days.
  • Tuesday: 6 mile cycle, and a dance class. But I was teaching the class, so it’s kind of cheating to include it in a training wrap up.
  • Wednesday: Really gentle 6.8 mile run with my running club, in 1hr 5 mins. I had been foam roller-ing like a bad ass since Monday, so wanted to take it nice and easy.
  • Thursday: Gentle jog for 2 miles with my friend in the countryside. The scenery was gorgeous. Generally we chatted and solved all the world’s problems.
  • Friday: Hill reps for 8 miles. 2.5k warm up, and then 6 reps of hills, and a 2k cool down.


I’ll leave you all to your Friday nights now. I’m eating cake, drinking Baileys, watching Breaking Bad and foam roller-ing.


Good times.

Ellie B