Frivolous Friday Five

Good afternoon!! I hope that things are looking good where you are. Here in the UK, things are looking fiiiiine.


Since it’s  a Friday afternoon, and I’m in a really good mood, I wanted to write about stuff. Just stuff that’s happened this week, or things I’ve enjoyed recently. So, without further ado, here are my five Friday faves:


  • Summer is here! Well, for this weekend, anyway. And in this country, you have to grab it while it’s here and bask in all it’s short-lived glory. This is what I’m wearing today:

photo (61)

Yes, SHORTS! And not even ironically. And this is where I’m writing my post today:

photo (59)

Yes, OUTSIDE! I don’t think this Friday fave requires any further explanation.


  • Epsom Salts. On the recommendation of my step-mother, I have been soaking my feet in an epsom bath every second day. And, gosh darnit, if it hasn’t just gone and fixed my feet? I don’t know why I never tried this before, but Epsom Salt baths and I are now the bestest of friends. No picture for this one: nausea seems a bit unfair for all you lovely readers on such a nice day.


  • Hard hats.

photo (60)

This week I’ve had family to stay: my dad & step-mum from Sydney, and my brother from Bristol. We went to one of those living museums where the year was 1902. And what should you know about when it comes to the history of the North-East of England? Mining. The museum had a mine you could go down, where there was only 4’6″ standing room. Most miners in this area worked in a mine that was only 2′ tall: incredible. And they only bathed once a week.


  •   This picture contains two of my favourites: Don Draper, and the iPhone. Never before has it been so obvious that Don Draper is the coolest of the cool if he had an iPhone in 1969.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 14.25.12

  • This book is a great read if you’re looking for something which is gripping, accessible and not-taxing:

husbands secret

I read it on the plane from the U.S. and it was perfect. Plus it’s set on the North Shore of Sydney, so there’s an added nostalgia for me. But seriously: it’s a fun read.

And I’m heading back inside. I’ve sneezed three times while writing this post. It would be such a cruel twist of fate for me to get a cold a) the week before my race and b) on the warmest weekend of the year. Tomorrow is my last ‘long’ run at 14 miles – it’s so strange that 8 weeks ago, 14 miles was the furthest I’ve ran and now it’s something that can be done between dance teaching and supermarket shopping.


Happy Friday everyone!! Enjoy your ice creams!!


Ellie B