First Full Week Friday

Well – the first full work week of 2014 has ended, and it looks like everyone survived! Actually, my week wasn’t too bad, I was just being dramatic.


By the start of this week, I was definitely feeling twitchy: due to traveling and the busy Christmas period, I hadn’t been able to exercise much. And unlike most runners, I am incapable of getting up early for a run before the rest of the world wakes up. So I had to make my peace with that, and wait for this week.


So this is how my week looked:

  • Monday: 1 hour pole class (as a student, not teacher). Woke my arms and back up after three weeks off!
  • Tuesday: 8k/5 mile run in 44 mins, with 200m sprints
  • Wednesday: 6k/4 mile run in 30 mins, with 200m sprints
  • Thursday: 1 hour stretching, 1 hour pole class (student)
  • Friday: rest day

By today, my legs were pretty frickin tired. Right now is the time to be careful: the New Year’s enthusiasm is a great way to over-train, and soon find yourself struck down with injury. So even though my distances aren’t crazy-long, I’m planning to build up gradually.


It’s been ages since I did ‘What I’m Loving Friday’! Here are some things that I’ve been loving recently:

  • Books: My favourite Christmas present will always be books. I lurve the sight of a stack of books ready for me to attack. Out of my Christmas stash, I read Mo Farah & Jennifer Saunders in 4 days. Both really good, and both have been added to my ‘Fantasy Celebrity Best Friend’ list. This is what I accumulated this Christmas:


  • This article. If I could kiss applaud Harris O’Malley from a respectable distance, I would. I have definitely had a few of these terms thrown at me, and it’s so frustrating to have to defend yourself before you can move on. It’s time that stopped. I bet that women everywhere are forwarding this link on to every man they know. And as for SB, I’ll be listening very carefully to what comes out of his mouth… 😉


  • Sweaty Betty Running Leggings. I got them for Christmas, and have practically lived in them. They are so comfortable: I’ve worn them to stretch in, and they’ve kept me nice & warm during my recent runs. The only bad thing about them is the price tag – Sweaty Betty stuff is pretty expensive, and I’m not sure I’d spend the money myself (I think these cost about £60?). But I’m absolutely happy to keep receiving them as gifts because I love them!


  •  Jantastic. This is designed to get you moving!! You sign up, and enter the number of runs you’re aiming for each week during the month of January. Then, you log each run and make sure you hit your target! You can enter in teams, or individually. I have joined a team, which is keeping me motivated. It’s not too late to sign yourself up and get running!


I hope you’ve all had a good first week back at work. Or just a good week. This weekend I plan to both dance and run, and at some point get a coffee at my favourite coffee shop.


Happy Friday Y’all!