Double Trouble Wednesday

Today I am supposed to do two runs in one day. I’ve read that it can be a great way to split up your mileage and make sure you can do it: it could be easier to find time for 2x 5-miles than 1 10-mile chunk.


But tonight, as I’m sitting listening the wind howl outside, and can see our Christmas lights reflecting in the windows as it’s so black outside, going for a run is the last thing I want to do! I am supposed to go to a track session with my Striders club.


This lunch time, I went for a run with my friend, and we were discussing how to stay motivated during these darker months. I know recently I wrote about how to run in the cold, but today was more about keeping the ‘want’ going. This is what we came up with:

  • Plan to go with a friend to give you that extra commitment (and didn’t we feel satisfied once we agreed that on our friendly run!)
  • If you can, go at lunch in the daylight. It’s much nicer than going in the dark. Plus, you might find a different route if you’re running from work rather than home
  • Once you decide on a time, keep it on the schedule!
  • Just get out there and try it for 10 minutes. See how you feel once you’re out there – I bet you don’t turn back!
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t go. We thought that once a week over Christmas is enough so you don’t lose the taste for running, but this is also a time for traveling, seeing family, and as my friend pointed out, eating!!
  • Try something new. This week I’ve re-discovered my love for dance again when it was too bleak to go running. There’s not just typical gym stuff, you could do adult gymnastics, netball, swimming, hockey…. What will you try?

To be honest, writing those points was as much to encourage me to go tonight as it was to ‘put the vibe out there’!!


We tried for ages to (unsuccessfully) get the Cathedral in the background!

A quick side note: some people have written against people taking photos while running. My habit of doing this started in 2011 when my New Year’s resolution was to have a photo from every day. And now that I live in England, I’m grateful for all the regular running views that I can refer back to with fondness. So I have continued to do it, and one day when we don’t live in Durham, I’ll easily remember what running by the river was like.


My friend and I did 7k/4.3 miles today, and then she gave me some lamingtons that she had made. These are an Aussie cake which I have not seen here! They were delicious.



One final thing: Jennifer Lawrence is in the press for saying that it should be illegal to call people fat on TV. Besides the fact that she is generally brilliant in every way, I think this is a great way to draw attention to this issue. Making it illegal is pretty extreme, but it is a clever way of getting it on people’s radars and in newspapers. I think her point that fat is a euphemism for being lazy and not taking care of yourself is valid, and it feels like the weight-factor is definitely more of a female problem than male. It makes you wonder what would happen if other actresses took a similar stand. How she is so together at the age of 23 I’ll never know!!


I’m off to get ready for my track run. Fingers crossed that the wind doesn’t blow me away!