July 100 Miles

Since the old 26.2 that I completed 5 weeks ago, it’s been harder to get my shoes on and head out running. I took about 10 days off to recover, but since then have only managed to get out once or twice a week. Without the deadline, it’s much easier to justify why I don’t have to go running than to justify why I should!


So what is the answer to this lethargy? How can I get my running mojo back? Is it another marathon? Dear god no, let’s not jump to conclusions. I’ll need at least another six month before I don my rose-tinted glasses and remember only the sweet, sweet high at the end rather than the actual marathon itself.


No, the answer is something that I’ve seen on Twitter thanks to the @UKRunChat account: #July100miles. The premise is simple: clock 100 miles in July. Pretty easy you might think, but when I did the old how far/frequent equation, I realised it’d take commitment.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 21.11.03

Here’s why it’s the perfect Summer goal:

  1. It’s free. No entry fee, no accommodation/travel necessary, no new kit required.
  2. It’s flexible. You can do ‘a little-a lot’, or cross chunks off at a time. It could be a good way to increase your mileage over the month, or combine other fitness such as walking, cycling. My plan is to do a little a lot: for me that means aiming for 4x  6 mile runs a week. Actually, that sounds like ‘a lot-a lot’, but manageable if I put my mind to it. Which brings me to the next point.
  3. It’s not a walk in the park. Actually, this is a great example of when it could be a walk in the park. But you get my drift: this isn’t something you’ll achieve by running your typical mileage, unless you’re someone who’s used to running 25 miles a week. I am not – I’m a short mid-week runner and a longer weekend runner, but they don’t consistently add up to 25 miles. To complete this goal will need planning and commitment, and at the end I bet it’ll feel satisfying. As they say on Arrested Development, this is lasting fun, this in’t that stupid fleeting fun.
  4. It keeps you fit. When everyone’s lazing around enjoying the copious sparing amount of sun, watching Wimbledon, or enjoying a Mojito on their holiday, you will be keeping fit. You’ll be maintaining that bikini body that you may or may not have worked so hard at as soon as you  realised Summer was around the corner! Or, if you’re not shallow or vain, at least you’ll be making a valuable contribution to your overall health and fitness.



And so that’s my July goal sorted!! This month I also have two 5k events and hopefully a 10k event (waiting til payday to sign up for that one). So it’ll be a busy month.


Hope you ‘re all having a fab Tuesday!! And I hope you try out the #July100mile challenge and #KickItInTheAss!!!


I love hashtags so much. #winner


Ellie B