Reality Check: I’m Ready for my Close Up

This week’s theme is reality.


Last week, I was all a-glow in the light of Norway (seriously – it’s never dark there. Or maybe for a couple of hours between 1-3am), drinking Coke Zero whilst looking over the harbour. Whilst there, to my delight, I did a run which was much faster than my usual speed: according to Strava, I ran 8.3km in 37:27 minutes. And then:




This week, I am back home, and what was supposed to be a weekend of amazing weather was…. not. AND I checked my Strava after the amazing Oslo run and saw this:


Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 19.28.35


Now, I know the run was fast, but a kilometre in 2:25? Svetlana Masterkova currently holds the world record for the fastest female mile at 4:12.56, and if my maths is correct (which it may well not be), I am actually faster than her. Which means only one thing. I’m ready for the international stage, y’all. I’m ready for my close up, to see my name in lights and to wear my country’s flag. This blogger be going places.




Or maybe it could be that Strava messed up my time, and I was actually slower than I thought :(


Yesterday I went for a 9.5k run around Durham, and my speed was much more in line with my usual pace (5min kilometres rather than 4:30). And I found it tough! Marathon training meant that every run had a goal, whether it’s a particular time or activity, that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go and run some junk miles for the sake of it. When there’s nothing to focus on but the scenery, the breeze ….. and the stitch that’s building in your side.



It just feels weird NOT to take a river pic now.


When I compare how Oslo’s run felt to yesterday’s run, Oslo’s was more fun, and more inspiring. Every time I looked at my phone and saw the distance I’d covered in the ‘time’, I found I had the energy to keep my pace up. Even if my first kilometre was screwed up, the rest of the run actually was faster than my usual pace. Unless Strava also messed up my other kilometres too.


This shows to me what a powerful tool your mind is: yesterday I’d look at the time – and see my usual pace – and chill out a bit. Last week, I’d look at the time, dig my fingers into my stitch and keep going. Usually I don’t run faster in new places as I don’t know the route I’m on, but last week I felt like I was flying.


I’m going to remember this when I’m out later on this week. Your body can usually handle more, but the mind urges you to remedy the discomfort you’re feeling by slowing down. During the marathon I chanted ‘main-tain, main-tain’ when the going got tough. Perhaps now I’ll chant ‘build-up, build-up’ to use my Jedi mind tricks to beat the pace.


I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, please don’t call Jerry Maguire or any other sports agents just yet: I feel there might be a little more work needed before I make my international debut. Thanks.


Ellie B


By the way – if anyone wants to expand their running blog repertoire, you should definitely check out Loving on the Run by Sara in Virginia, US. She regularly features different bloggers, showcasing all the different styles and talent that’s out there, and she also has an amazing knowledge of and interest in running. Check out the profile she did of Gilly and I!! :)




Morning Run, Sweden Style

Today I missed my flight, and so now I am spending the night at Copenhagen airport. Not actually in the airport, but in a lovely, but expensive, Hilton where I am working late to make up for the time lost tomorrow when I get my next flight. Unless I miss that, too.


So I did what anyone would do: I high-tailed it to the hotel bar, where I’m working, eating and drinking. I just had the best chicken burger, so life isn’t too bad at the moment.


This morning I went for a run in Stockholm. Yesterday our CFO told me about a really 10k/6 mile nice track through parkland in the city, so today I got up before 6am – like a proper runner – to try it out. That never happens, so you can tell how excited /worried about my training* I was.

photo (31)



photo (33)


One of my favourite things to do in a new city is to go running: you can learn so much about a city when you run through it. In Stockholm, unlike London or Sydney,  there were more walkers than runners, but everyone I saw had fabulous Winter exercise gear. Power walking has never looked so stylish.

photo (30)

I decided to take it easy this morning: I wanted to see how my leg felt, there was a long day ahead of me, plus I didn’t know the route. It was awesome to just enjoy a couple of junk miles, and I stopped wayyyyy too many times to take pictures.  But it was so gorgeous! It was a little cold, but the air was so fresh and clean, and the sun was beaming down to warm things up. And I saw a house which must have been the inspiration for every haunted house in the entire world. So, if that’s not worth the early wake up call…..

photo (28)

According to Strava I did 10.2k in 53 mins exactly.

photo (32)

And now I will return to my work emails and Sauvignon Blanc. Happy Hump Day everyone!!


Ellie B