What I’m Loving Friday!

Gooooooooooooooooood morning!

Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week. I feel like I haven’t sat down since Sunday: does that count as training? 😉

Last night I made up for all the first part of the week: I did some interval training and went to pole for an hour where we did pole circuits: stomach crunches, inverted pull ups, climbs, practicing your “wrong” side, all on the pole. Bascially you are left pink faced, and in disbelief that you’re actually not as strong as you thought you were! It’s a great way to wake you up on a Thursday.

So here is What I’m Loving Friday for this week!!

  • My new runners. I picked my new Kayano 19s up from the post office yesterday. Asics are my shoe brand of choice, and I’m in love with their colour, which match my running shorts. I took them out for a test drive yesterday, and my feet felt like they were running in slippers. For me, they’re breathable, they’re not too heavy, but they do sit tightly on the top of my feet (I have ridiculously high arches). I don’t have a lot of running shoes, and Kayanos seem to handle both long and shorter distances, and different training workouts. Asics feel both flexible and supportive. Apart from needing to look at their lacing, they are great so far. I ordered them from Start Fitness: for anyone in the UK, this is a great online shop with reasonable prices, and their physical shop in Durham has very helpful staff who really know their stuff.



  • Abs August. This challenge set by my dance school has got everyone talking. Facebook is awash with people who are doing crunches before bed time, boot camp before work, and even sit ups in the board room (not really. I dare someone to do it though….).  My own progress is coming along, but perhaps isn’t ready for a progress pic just yet! 😉
  • Aerial yoga. This really ties the running and the dancing together. Aerial yoga has silk hammocks which help support your weight, so you can focus on really stretching to your comfortable limit, and can also control how far you push yourself. It’s also good for core, arm, and leg strength. I really like that it gives all my running and dance muscles a chance to stretch, and I can push myself on my splits too. Plus, there are some awesome moves which have you spinning and swinging around like when you were a kid.


  • London Street Art. I’ve been lucky enough to be in London twice in the past two weeks, and have been in areas where there’s street art on every corner. We were on Brick Lane, poking around its amazing collection of markets and food stalls, and I also saw some by my office, near the financial district. It’s amazing how many creative people there are out there who aren’t afraid to tackle a mural the size of a building. Where do you start with something like that?!  My street art certainly wouldn’t look like that.


  • Internet shopping. So we have been moving house for what feels like forever! And I’ve come to rely on good old Amazon.co.uk for those things that you just need desperately and don’t want to wait for. Plus, SB’s birthday is coming up, and it’s a great distraction from actually unpacking. So rest assured UK: I’m doing my bit for the economy!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! My in-laws are coming up so we’re getting everything in order for our first official house guests. 😀 Plus the usual runs, abs and more.

Ellie B