This morning we had Yasso 800’s – my first time doing this workout. You can read a detailed description here but essentially they are a “predictor session”. And a very difficult predictor at that! I am shattered all day.

The name “Yasso” comes from Bart Yasso, the chief running officer at Runner’s World magazine, who popularized this workout. Here’s how to do Yasso 800s:

  • Take your marathon goal time in hours/minutes and convert this to minutes/seconds. For example, if your marathon goal is 3 hours and 10 minutes then convert that to 3 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • Try to run 800 meters in your converted time (3:10 in this example).
  • Repeat 10 times at this same pace. So you need to make sure you don’t go out too fast to keep your pace consistent.
  • Run an active recovery for the same time (here 3:10) between each 800M
  • Simple!

 So my goal is 3.25. Which means I ran:

  • 800M in 3.25
  • Recovery for 3.25 (as slow as you like)
  • Repeat for 10 times.

 You obviously need to take it with a pinch of salt but my coach rates it. We used today as a base session to see where we were and will do it again 3 weeks out. Here are my laps from this morning. So I’m on track but not there yet!

 It’s a really tough session….I have been so tired and hungry all day! But they are the good ‘uns! 

I finally succumbed and bought some running gloves yesterday! It was 2 degrees on Saturday morning when we set off and my hands were numb until lunch time! It took me like 3 minutes to open the car door! I am that European person in Australia scoffing at all the aussies in their winter gear in 16 degrees. That’s Celsius. So my club compadres enjoyed laughing at me in my new gloves this morning. I got these ones in Lululemon…..I worship at the altar of Lululemon. My bank balance is not as big a fan. 

Guess which picture I took?

Franman thinks they look like washing up gloves…….he may have a point. The fact that they are TouchScreen is handy though……and obviously worth the extra coin.

I have a 17km Medium Long Run (4.45-5.15 pace) at 6am tomorrow; so just dying for that.  Thankfully I am doing it with a few of the club members so won’t be as bad as solo. Looking forward to a lie in (until 7am!!!) on Friday. J

I wish I had read some of this in my 20’s