Friday: All About The Good Things.


Ok, after three relatively informative posts (I know, I surprised myself too!), I’m taking it back to frivolities today. Because today is Friday, and Friday is all about the good things in life.


So, here are eight things that I have seen/done/want to mention this week….


1) My running mojo is back! It’s back with such a vengeance that Bruce Willis would be proud. Here is how my week looked :

  • Monday: 2.5 miles/4k with my beginners running group. I’m going to upgrade them to intermediates because we regularly run upwards of 5k, and their pace, style and stamina is increasing. Go team!!
  • Tuesday: 10.5 miles/17k at 8:30 mile pace
  • Wednesday: 1.5 mile warm up, 5x 0.5 trail hill reps, 1 mile cool down. I tried to take a pic of the hill, but was busted by my running mates: ‘are you taking a selfie?!’ Ah, the shame….


2) I read this piece about the Scottish referendum yesterday and thought it was a really entertaining way to describe the situation. As the author says – it’s not meant to be political….By the way – this guy is a really good soundtrack composer (@alexbaranowski). Check out McCullin on Netflix: as well as a fab score, it’s a really interesting documentary.


3) This seems to be a pretty good philosophy for life:

 Full of nice people


4) I am going to try out this 30 Day Challenge by Kinetic Revolution. I follow James Dunne on Twitter (@KineticRev), who always has something helpful to say. They provide you with 15-20 minute drills each day which are designed to improve running technique.  I’ll let you know how it goes – I’m thinking I’ll start it on Monday.


5) The Fire Inside by Luke Sital Singh!!!  His songs are soft and loud and intense and energetic and calm. I saw him live a few weeks ago (he’s a funny guy too), and his album is my ‘on-repeat’ for this week. Does anyone else become obsessed with an album at a time?


6) This list about moving to Australia made me laugh. I don’t miss the crappy TV or internet, but it does feel undignified to say ‘flip flops’ and not ‘thongs’. Maybe I’ll write a list about England. And just as an FYI, here are  photos from two of my fave places in Sydney, because I know you are all wondering:

 P1010524 P1010615-2

What we have here is some local bush land featuring none other than my Dad, and a cafe. Both are not 15 mins from my parents house. #Nostalgia


7) Tonight I am going to the Moulin Rouge. SB and I are meeting up with some Aussie friends in Paris. I know – we’ve been traipsing around like no-one’s business. It’s like we woke up one day and realised we are in Europe so we should go and see Europe. If Ewan McGregor’s not in the Moulin Rouge ready to sing to me tonight, someone’s going to get hurt.



Hot poets are what the Moulin Rouge is all about, right? My expectations aren’t way off?


8) And finally a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to one of my bestest buds on the arrival of her daughter this week. I am soooo pleased for her and her family – and can’t wait to meet the little darl.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 18.29.11


I hope you have a great weekend! And unless Air France loses our luggage again, I hope to have some pics of a run or two in Paris next week too 😀


Ellie B