Marathon Training – Week 7

Another week down and no injuries. And there was much rejoicing…..bonus points if you can guess the movie.

This was a good solid weeks training….didn’t set any records but each session was fine in and of itself. I did my midweek run on Monday evening instead of Wednesday and that killed me in intervals on Tuesday morning. But I got them done and that is all that counts!

I am in Sydney this week with work so training not going so well. But I am getting plenty of fun and food in!



So recap for last week

Monday I ran with Franman. His long run for the week was 14 and my mid week run was the same so we took advantage of the opportunity to run together.

  • 14km @ 5.40 pace. A little slower than I would normally do but it was great to run together. It was the furthest he has ever run – until tonight where he did 16km – so was great to be there to do it with him.


Tuesday morning….hard to get up as we didn’t finish the Monday night session until 8.30pm.

  • Warm up – 4.5km ( I had to run as Franman had the car)
  • 3*3km intervals.
    • 4.22
    • 4.24
    • 4.16
  • Cool down – 1.5km

This was a really hard session – the best part was finishing at 7.30am on Tuesday morning and not having to run again until Thursday.

Thursday – ( 4*500 + 2km)* 2

  • Warm Up – 2.3km

1st set

  • 500’s @ 4.06 /3.58 / 3.56 / 3.52
  • 2km @ 4.18

2nd set

  • 500’s @ 4.00 / 4.00 / 3.54 / 3.54
  • 2km @ 4.16
  • Cool down – 2.3km


Saturday – 27km in what was the hardest weather conditions. Ever.

It was torrential rain on Saturday morning….virtually no one turned up for training. Except a few of us who have races coming up. Everyone else was sensible and stayed indoors. We battled torrential rain, hailstones, crazy winds and thunder and lightening for 27km. And felt AMAZING when we finished. Like rockstars. Well the boring running type of rockstar. Maybe Cliff Richard?

  • 27km @ 5.06

Sunday – recovery 8km @ 5min pace.

So I closed out the week with 76.6km and didn’t feel too bad. Well I say that – I was crashed on the couch for the evening by about 4pm!

I’m writing this from my hotel room after a huge feast in a Mexican restaurant called appropriately Mejico. We had guacamole – made at our table which seems the done thing at the moment – served with plantain chips.



The lamb shoulder tacos were definitely the stand out for me.


So as I am overfed and watching Masterchef in my hotel room I will love you and leave you. J