Good things come to those who… work

Two good things happened this week:

  1. I bought some new Pure Cadence 3s after trying them during the Brooks My Try It On promotion last month
  2. I got a new PB!


Shoes first. I’ve noticed, on longer runs when I get tired and my form drops, that my little toes are covered in blisters afterwards. They are like two big white bubbles on the end of my feet. Sorry about that mental picture. After about 10k, I can feel my feet sliding around in them, and rubbing on the shoes. I have always had Asics, but my feet have reacted this way with the two most recent pairs I’ve had.


The Pure Cadence 3s are a snug fit, and as soon as I tried them on I could feel the support they gave my arch.  During the promotion I had a size 4, but now I have 4.5s, which are a much better fit. Weighting only 195g, they are very lightweight too (my Kayanos are 252g), and they have a heel-toe drop of 4mm, which isn’t a major thing for me as I tend to run on the balls of my feet anyway. This makes for giant calf muscles!


I took them for a test drive on Monday, which coincidentally was when I was due to run 8m with a sub-46 10k in the middle. It might not have been the best idea to try new shoes on such a strenuous run, but having tried them out last month I at least knew how they would feel.




A sub-46 10k would mean my fastest 10k yet. Squeezing the run into my lunch break (another reason to make it a fast one!), I treated it like a race day, eating porridge for breakfast and nothing but a banana before the run. I knew it would be hard, but it wasn’t until SB said that I should respect the distance and not just go at it that I started to feel nervous.


I started with a 1 mile warm up before starting the 10k Challenge. I chose the route carefully – there were slight inclines, but no major hills, and I was able to get a strong start. Throughout the run, I tried not to check my Garmin every kilometre, but it was too hard not to! And it helped with the overall pacing: by half way through I knew I had a certain amount of grace period to make the sub-46 mark.


The route was an out-and-back, and as I turned around, and knew the inclines were ahead of me, there was a little mental toughening up going on to keep the pace. I stopped focussing on the entirety of the distance, but focussed on that particular kilometre that I was in, concentrating on not dropping my pace and doing the best I could in that moment.


It was a great feeling to get to 8k and realise that, unless I majorly stuffed up, I would make the goal! Then it was challenging: those 9 minutes went on for ages as I pushed to the end! But I was rewarded: I finished in 45:18, which is 1:16 faster than my last PB. I rounded off the run with a 1.5 mile cool down, making 8.5 miles in total.


Here are the splits:

  • 4.10
  • 4.19
  • 4.21
  • 4.42
  • 4:35
  • 4:22
  • 4:58
  • 4:41
  • 4:22
  • 4:46


So all this speed work is paying off! And at the end of that run: supported feet, with nice, pink, non-blistered toes! Thanks Pure Cadence 3s :)


Happy Friday everyone! The weather in the UK is supposed to be warm and sunny – I hope you have a good run :)


Ellie B