Destination Unknown

Does anyone else get really random, kind of insulting, targeted Facebook ads? Recently it’s suggested that I start thinking IVF treatment, and  that I should lose that extra 10lbs. Thanks, Facebook! I’ll keep those in mind.


But yesterday an ad caught my eye.


China Marathon

How fab does that look?! That has gone straight on my bucket list. It got me thinking about  what top 5 marathons destinations would be.  I’ve not ran a marathon yet, but still, I can have my top 5 destinations 😉 Since I’m sure you can’t wait to hear what they are, I’ll share:


The one that kicked it all off: this has the dual appeal of running a marathon and visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world. I visited Shanghai for work once, and had the pleasure of eating fried chicken bones. But I’d love to see more of the countryside. It doesn’t look like the flattest course though, so maybe I’ll save this til I’m a marathon veteran ….


I heard about this marathon this Summer. Apart from running past some pretty significant sights (Bethlehem, for crying out loud!), it’s also a comment on the situation there. There’s no where in Palestine that people can actually run for 26 miles straight without running into a check point (and so the course has lots of out-and-backs), which made me pretty sad when I heard it. I’m not overly political, and I’m not trying to pretend that I know loads about this situation, but I reckon this would be a pretty powerful race!

Palestine Marathon, Bethlehem, West Bank, 21.4.2013

Yep. Because from what I’ve heard, Rio is awesome. And beautiful. Take a look at the pic below – who doesn’t want to run there, with that view? With the added bonus that after you race, you’re in Rio. Kick back with a couple of Cervejas and see where the night takes you! (To bed if you’ve just ran a marathon perhaps?)


I LOVE Berlin. It’s definitely up there as one of the funkiest cities in Europe. And running through it would be a great way to get an instant feel for the city: the new, the old, the East, the West, as well as all seeing the sights. I have a sneaky suspicion that the marathon will unlock some secrets to the city that you wouldn’t normally see as a tourist.


The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathons always seem like so much fun when I read about them in other blogs. Plus Chicago is like Berlin: it’s a really funky town that I want to see more of. For some reason these big American races seem like the Big Players in running, with their all expos, and I want to experience it. And we have family there: added bonus!!



Destination running sounds very glamorous, and a totally amazing way to see the world. When I think of traveling to somewhere like China on it’s own, it seems a little difficult. But as soon as there’s a purpose – like a marathon – suddenly it seems reasonable. Maybe having a goal to hit makes the difference.


And that’s my marathon wish list! I’ve been thinking seriously about signing up to my first marathon next year, and luckily we live somewhere that I can consider these two: Edinburgh (fast and flat) or Amsterdam (pretty, and … you know, it’s Amsterdam).


Does anyone else have any top running destinations?

Has anyone ever run these marathons?

Marathon-ers: what would you recommend when thinking about your first one?

Happy Friday!!

Ellie B