The week so far and music!!

Well, I made it to the end of the week. First week back after a holiday is always so tough, but at least I had enough energy for the hard decisions:

photo (43)

Cadburys or Ghirardelli??


Tomorrow I have my first long run in a while, and also my longest distance: 20 miles. After 18 I felt like I’d forgotten how to walk, so I’m looking forward what the level of discomfort tomorrow afternoon will bring with it. Especially as we have to go shopping for curtains. As if Ikea wasn’t enough fun already.


So far, the week has looked like this:

  • Monday: 4.5miles/6.5k with Tempest Runners at a 6:49/km average pace
  • Tuesday: 7.5 miles/12kms in Durham, including 10* hill runs at 5:38/km average pace
  • Wednesday: Striders Summer handicap run, 4.8 miles/7.7 kms in 37:25
  • Thursday: Taught pole for 2 hours

The Summer handicap is a series of runs put on my by running group. Every month we run a 2.4 mile lap around some local woods, which is timed. Everyone sets off at different times with the idea that people finish altogether. And hopefully as the Summer goes on, you’ll improve your time and move ‘up’ a start time. The route is so pretty – loads of bluebells at the moment – and there are at least three reasonable hills to get stuck into.


Have you ever heard a new song before and immediately fallen in love with it, adding it to The Soundtrack of your Life? Don’t pretend you don’t have a soundtrack…. This week I heard ‘Iron Sky’ by Paolo Nutini, and have been listening to it on repeat ever since.


It’s from the album Caustic Love


I also heard ‘Exit Music (for a film)’ by Radiohead last month for the first time and became obsessed with it too. I’m a little late to the Radiohead party, but I’m glad I finally arrived! How awesome are they?!


I remember, when we were in high school, one of my best friends kept trying to tell me how important Thom Yorke is to the music canon,  but I was all about Celine Dion. Although, we both liked the Manic Street Preachers. So I think that shows how cool my friend was, and hopefully notches my score up a bit too. Thank goodness I’ve gotten cooler with age. 😉

photo (42)

It wasn’t hard to improve when this was the baseline!


Recently, on longer runs, I’ve been listening to slower music. It helps keep a steady pace without going to fast, and creates a nice, contemplative space. Here are my favourite slower songs to run to (the two above definitely make the list too):

  • Cinematic Orchestra, To Build a Home
  • Beyonce, Heaven
  • Snow Patrol, Open Your Eyes
  • Placebo, Running up that Hill (though this is to slow to run up an actual hill to)
  • RY X, Berlin
  • Half Moon Run, Full Circle
  • Kodaline, All I Want (has the saddest video!!)
  • Josh Record, The War
  • London Grammar, Wasting my Younger Years


So…. these aren’t the happiest of songs! But I love going on a run with them without any pressure on what you’re doing, just enjoying being out there. They will all be on my playlist for tomorrow’s 20 miler. Early. I’ll save the Ministry of Sound for when I need a kick up the ass!


Happy running everyone, enjoy the weekend!


Ellie B