Marathon Training Weeks 5 & 6

The last 2 weeks have been pretty hectic with training, work and life in general so I am 2 weeks behind on my workout log. However you can all relax and breathe a sigh of relief as it is all below. It’s long to skim read or make a cuppa.

I found week 5 really hard. I hadn’t been taking my iron supplement – I am always low even without a lot of running – so not sure if that was the cause. Or I had my first longer mid-week run. Whatever it was, I wasn’t a happy camper in my mid-week runs last week.

Thankfully this week just gone was a bit better. Hard (as marathon training always is) but manageable. Before I go any further have you see this cartoon? It is making the rounds but worth a read. I lost about an hour to the other comics on his website also.

So without further ado I bring to you the 5th AND 6th installment of my Melbourne Marathon Program.

Week 5:

  • Monday – Rest

I was all over this rest day. Without sounding boastful, I have to say I am friggin’ awesome at rest days. I have yet to miss even one.

  • Tuesday – YASSO’s 800’s

I wrote about this training session here. It’s a tough session if you do it properly; you are essentially sprinting for 10km.

  • Wednesday – 17km

17km before work with 4 team members. A really cold dark morning but great to have the company.

We did 17.3km in 1.27 so a 5.04 pace.

  • Thursday – (4*500 +2km) * 2

These sessions are tricky little buggers. The point is that the 4 *500m sprints (with a 30 second rest in between each) really tire you out….then you do the 2km faster than your 10km pace. So it teaches your body to run when tired. And you do it all twice. It’s a hard session, which if you do properly should leave you wanting to heave at end of the 2km session. Like any session, consistency is very important.

I kept my 500’s around a 4.00min pace and the 2km around 4.20 pace.

  • Friday – Rest

Boom, nailed this.

  • Saturday – 26km with a 10km shift @ MP

I ran this with my old training partner from last year’s City 2 Surf Marathon. He has gotten super fast so I haven’t run with him in ages….so was a really nice social catch up.

We did 26km in 2.06. Our average pace was 4.51 and the 10km shift was at 4.41 pace. That is not my MP – we just agreed to meet in the middle of both of our paces!

  • Sunday – 8km Recovery Run

Oops, I skipped this! In my defence though, I was up at 7am cooking Christmas in July and didn’t take a break from cooking all day.

The many faces of running.

Week 6:

  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 3*3km with a 2 minute active recovery.

Our coach has brought in an active recovery for these sessions…so instead of standing and panting between sessions, we do a really light jog. I ran these with another guy and we managed 4.24 / 4.26 / 4.22 pace for the three laps. Not too bad but would prefer to get closer to 4.20. It’s hard though as the more training you do the more tired you are so your interval times suffer.

  • Wednesday – 17km

10km Recovery Run after work. Nothing exciting to report here.

  • Thursday – Progression Run

I went into detail on what these are here. Essentially you are getting progressively faster. I messed up my garmin on this one….but we did the same as before. Started at 5.10 for 2km then dropped to 5 / 4.50 / 4.40 / 4.30 / 4.20 for each subsequent 2km. This morning was freezing as well – I cycled to training. When I got home, my fingers were so numb I couldn’t use my key to open the door for about 6 minutes!

  • Friday – Rest

Boom, nailed this.

  • Saturday – 27km nice and slow

No MP shifts! Horray!!

Proof it gets cold in the morning in Perth 

I loved this run – despite the cold when we started. I could run long slow runs all day. You can chat and talk shit and it’s slow enough that you can run forever. I felt great at the end…could have kept going. We did 27.5km in 2.23 so a 5.13 pace.

  • Sunday – 8km Recovery Run

Heading out for this run ASAP! As soon as I finish this post! I promise.

That closes out Week 5 with 69.5km and Week 6 with 72.4Km….sounds a lot when you say it like that! Maybe that’s why I am tired? J

I have been doing my physio exercises as well and they really seem to be working……my legs haven’t gotten worse which is fantastic. It would appear I have nipped it in the bud. Considering this is what I normally do when I am sore I am super proud of myself.

And when I went to the physio on Friday he can see improvement. I am also stretching and rolling like a mofo…..and I can finally touch my toes when standing. I know for some people, Ellie, this is pathetic but for me it’s HUGE! I am always that loser in yoga who the teacher shows the modified stretches too. Franman took these of me doing my exercises without me realizing. The state of me! I also need to throw those pants out – they are so warm and comfy though!

How is your running going? Enjoy it? Or is it more like work?


Please don’t say I am injured already!

I did a long run whilst down in Dunsborough this weekend. Up at 6am but a pal wanted to join me for the first 3km so we didn’t get going until she was ready at 7! Oh well. We got to see the sunrise which was beautiful. And more importantly I could read the directions on my hand. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the straightest line near the house! It was torrential rain when I got back….beautiful to look at from the balcony. Not so pretty from the hilly roads.


It was meant to be 21km @ Medium Run Pace (MRP) with a 13km shift @ Marathon Pace (MP). I was going to run for 6km at around 5.00 m/km then take it down to 4.48 for 13km and then slow down for the last 2km. Yeah, that didn’t happen. About 5km in I realised I had picked the hilliest road to run along – I was so focused on picking a straight road I wouldn’t get lost on, I never thought about elevation. Importance of Directions > Elevation Stats. If there is a chance to get lost I will. It has become so bad when I run with my group, that if we are unsure they ask which way I think and then we go the opposite! You can see from my splits below it wasn’t as consistent as I would like but I did my best with the hills! That last one killed me! It was so tough.



I got back to the amazing house we were staying in at around 9.05 and the yoga teacher we had booked arrived at 9.15. So it was like a 90 minute stretch out after which I certainly needed. I am next to useless at stretching. I can run for 3 hours but god forbid I take the time to stretch out for 15 minutes after. Hence why I am going to the physio later! Last year when I did my marathon I had to get a cortisone injection 9 days out from the marathon after suffering some knee pain. It turns out stretching, correct shoes and strengthening exercises are good habits. Good habits that I do not indulge in. I have started feeling the beginnings of twinges so I booked an appointment with a physio for this afternoon – want to really start focusing on strengthening my core and legs. Apparently pains in knees are often related to weak muscles in your hips etc… if you strengthen those it helps out.


And wearing correct shoes. I went to a podiatrist who is in our run club and he likened the support I get from my current shoes to being as effective as “hessian sacks” and he was “astounded I was still running”. He recommended Lunar Glide and Lunar Free – I like to run in Nikes despite them being the laughing stock of runners. I find them really comfortable, good price and fun colours. Which is obviously the most important criteria. I ordered these last week – pretty tame colours for me to be honest.


Because I have been feeling twinges I decided to step back the training this week and took a break until today. The legs felt good but I got a mild asthma attack! I can’t catch a break. 😉 I have 23km this Saturday so fingers crossed I’ll feel back to normal then.

Catch you soon.

Gilly P