Real training, real pudding and real women

After our run on Saturday, we went to Lake Windermere and spent the afternoon in our very own rented motorboat. I get nervous with anything like this, where speed, motors and testosterone are involved, but luckily the boats for hire went at an embarrassing pace. Even I braved the open waters and drove it (Is drive even the right verb here?). We stayed at this lovely B&B, and drove back on Sunday in time for me to teach my pole class.


My pole competition is creeping up in July, and so during lunch I went and trained for an hour. The first fifteen minutes were awful and I was starting to really lose motivation. But then I looked in the mirror (there are loads in a dance studio!) and told myself to get a grip. Otherwise, in July, the audience will be in for a treat when I fall off the pole and land on my ass. It must have worked because the rest of the practice was fab!


The evening was a balmy 16 degrees, and the sunshine was calling me. So I did some interval training: 10*1 minute as fast as I could, with 1*1 minute recovery. I did this for 20 minutes, and with the warm up/cool down run I was knackered!

I felt extra smug that evening after that double workout as I tucked into my sticky chocolate pudding from Saturday’s race. I didn’t feel so smug when it took approximately 105 minutes to crawl the stairs to bed….Karma. You know what they say.

Part of the reason for starting this blog is like everyone else who does a running blog: to keep track of their training, and to keep them honest. I’m trying to use this to help me structure my trainings, and to increase the variety. I’m not good at doing intervals or hill training – I much prefer running at my own pace, but I’m not speeding up quickly enough.

So, potentially this is what I might try to work on (I am honestly committed to this, even though it might not sound like it!):

  • Monday: intervals
  • Tuesday: stretch/strength training
  • Wednesday: running with my club
  • Thursday: strength/stretch training
  • Friday: hills?
  • Weekend: long run

With some pole sessions thrown in there for fun – typically I train pole on Thursdays, and one extra day, but this will definitely be more leading up to the comp!

In other news, I read this article on what a “real woman” is. The intro is a bit much – no need to tell off the reader! – but the message is interesting. I’ve never thought that the message of “real women” could perpetuate the negative feelings overweight women may have. Whilst I also agree that there is an element of choice in how you look – exercise either is or isn’t a priority – I really hate the way women judge each other. Women judge when others eat too much, and women judge when others exercise a lot. Neither are free!


But I still aspire to look like the actresses and models in magazines, in spite of knowing how airbrushed they are, which is ridiculous! Maybe we should demand to see “natural women” on magazines instead of “real women” – it’s much more inclusive, and doesn’t have the same judgemental undertones….

Finally – my New Year’s Resolution is to take one photo each day. I thought you might like to see today’s:

People Management is at the back because I am a serious professional as well as a serious runner you know.

People Management is at the back because I am a serious professional as well as a serious runner you know.

Yep – lunch time today. Sunny back garden, and my magazines.