Training Update & Nike Training App

My motivation for running has really lagged these last 2 weeks….just when I think “OMG I like totally love running like” it turns around and bites me in the ass. A bit of reality never killed anyone I suppose. It’s not always easy to get up but as long as I do that is all that counts. This image sums up my mood perfectly – I am always pumped 20 minutes in!

I went to visit the physio last week and it went well. Nothing seriously wrong with me luckily. I have been experiencing a few knee twinges and I want to make sure I nip it in the bud. It was an expected diagnosis of building up the strength in my legs. When you run a lot certain muscles get very strong however others surrounding these don’t. This can cause a lot of issues with your ITB bands, knees and so on. When people have issues with their knees it is usually caused by weak hips, glutes etc. (Please excuse this awful description…it makes sense in my head) So I was prescribed exercises to activate my hips which I need to do twice a day. One legged squats, clams and things like that.

I went back yesterday and all is looking good….keep doing the exercises and add in some strength training ones 3 times a week.

I am going to use the Nike Training App on my phone for this – if you haven’t downloaded this free app go and do it now. Are you back? Hands down this is one of the best apps I have seen in any category for my phone. It basically is a PT in your phone. You can select workouts by goal and level. So you might select the “Get Toned” or “Get Lean” areas. In each area you can then drill down by ability and time.


Each workout offers a number of different exercises which you repeat as a circuit. You can play your own music and a voice instructs you how to do the exercise encourages you and makes it feel personal. You can pause to see the exercise as a video.



As you do more workouts you unlock rewards. I just unlocked a legs circuit from Paula Radcliffe and a strength circuit from Kara Goucher. I love both of these women and if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

 You need basic equipment like dumbbells so you can do them at home. I do them in my sitting room in front of the Real Housewives. I cannot recommend this app enough. I am giving it the maximum 5* and I am a fussy madam. Oh, and even though the app is aimed at women my husband rates it too. And he’s a fussy mister.

I’m at the end of the 4th week on my marathon plan. So I am passed the initial excitement of a shiny glossy plan and am in the bla “get up, train, work, eat” and repeat. J

  • Sunday – 6km Recovery Run
  • Monday – Rest & Legs Workout
  • Tuesday – I took a day off as my knee felt funny.
  • Wednesday – 8km Medium Long Run
  • Thursday – Progression Run
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – 24km Long Run with a 16km Shift

The progression run works like this. 1km Warm up. Drop to a pace that is about 20 seconds faster than your marathon pace and run for 2km. Drop 10 seconds of that pace every 2km. Repeat for a total of 12km. We started at 5.10 which meant that we would do 5.00, 4.50, 4.40, 4.30 and 4.20. It’s hard to stick to the pace exactly as you have to keep an eye on your watch all the time. However we ended up pretty consistent except for the last 2 km which were at 4.16 and 4.19. The last 4km are very hard but it’s worth it!

The Long Run had a shift this week. A shift is basically stepping up the pace in a run for a defined section at a defined pace. My long run pace is set at 4.55-5.25. My (hoped for) marathon pace is 4.48. My coach has us doing the shift at MP. It’s hard but it gets your body used to working at your desired pace. We did 5km at long run pace, 16km at MP and then the last 3 at long run pace. I didn’t do these shifts last year so will be interesting to see if they work! I ran with 4 others from the club which always makes it go easier. It was freezing (note to self, buy gloves!) and dark when we started so it’s nice to have company!

Pitch Dark at 6am

We spent the last 5km talking about what we were going to eat for the day. I decided upon Grill’d burger bar and Franman was more than happy to indulge me after his long bike ride.

What do you do for strength training? How do you cope with flagging motivation? I’d really appreciate some insight!!

Have a good one.