This week is brought to you by Brooks

Aaaaand it’s Thursday already! How did that happen? Has anyone else blinked found that Mon, Tues, Weds of this week have vanished?


This week has been very exciting because of Brooks PureProject Try It On!! The new range of Brooks PureProject shoes are being released, and they have allocated 1000 pairs for the public to try out from a number of official stockists. You take them home, and wear them as you usually would: indoor, outdoor, in the rain, mud, sleet and snow, and see what you think.


So, this week, I have been wearing these gorgeous Pure Cadence 3 bad boys:


It’s a really clever idea, because I’m guessing most people don’t change their brand once they find a shoe they like (running shoes are expensive!). I have always had Asics, but my current pair seem to cause quite a few blisters, so I was wondering about another brand. Is there more of a perfect way to trial a shoe than to borrow it for a week??


As soon as I tried them on, I noticed how supportive the Pure Cadence 3s are. My arch is really high, and the shoe sat snug against it. They also have additional arch support:



This has actually been a bit of an issue. Whilst the support is great, my toes seem to get pins and needles after 5k in. I think it’s because of the band which runs along the top of your foot:



My feet are basically mountain-shaped, and too much pressure on the top point of my foot causes bruising and pins and needles. I was told I could be a great ballerina with feet this shape, but instead I chose running and pole dancing, obviously.


I wish this wasn’t the case, because in every other aspect the shoes are great. They’re light, they support really nicely, my feet don’t pronate as much in them, and they haven’t given me blisters when I push hard. Plus, they look really smart. Perhaps a larger size would solve my problems with the top of my foot.


Now on to the important other stuff. Sunday was, as we like to call it South of the Equator, Straya Day. Australia Day to everyone else. On Australia Day, everyone gets a day off, there are BBQs, trips to the beach, fireworks, and sushi. At least, my Australia Day usually involved Sushi.


Australia Day 2011



This year, being in the North East of England,I hijacked a night out with my friends and christened it our Australia Day celebrations. It was a beautiful night out, a real was a lesson in international diplomacy, and did much for Australian-North East English relations.


So, I guess what I am saying, is that I am ready for my Ambassadorship now.


Ellie B

Disclaimer: these shoes were given to me to trial for a week as part of the general Try It On project. It is my decision to blog about them, and I have not been asked to do so by Brooks.